Discussion: GOP Senate Candidate: UCSB Shooting An 'Unfortunate Accident'

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The gun discharged. Police are investigating.


It really would be a pleasant change if the GOP would start fielding candidates instead of caricatures.


" “It’s outrageous that Democrats are politicizing and playing gotcha politics with this tragedy.”

No,I think its a tragedy that Ms Ernst head is stuck in her butt.


Yes, that’s exactly how it went down. The kid accidentally bought three guns and 400 rounds of ammunition, accidentally pointed one of the guns at innocent people, and then accidentally pulled the trigger and ended their lives. Nothing to see here.

Actually, I think the real accident was her father not pulling out back in 1969.


Maybe she meant to say “tragident” or “accidy.”


This Joni Ernst is a deranged person -


When will the tiny minority that is really fooled by these gun worshipers cease to drive the entire political debate?

When an entire state can be won with nothing but pro-gun and anti-healthcare insanity, it seems as if chaos rules.

I blame FOX, The Lump, Bleck, et al, in the hard right mindbending-media for their pro-active fomenting . Along with the rest of the Citizens United wholly owned mainstream media for its passive compliance.

A single mainstream media watchdog may have assuaged this march to madness over the past few decades by the gun lobby. Instead, they conspicuously ignored the growing issue, and still to this very day, even in the wake of so many shootings, refuse to offend these offensive gun dealers.

But really, behind them all is an NRA from hell. And the gun industry investors club that now owns it, for whom a whole new level is being created.


“However, I remain firm in my commitment to the Second Amendment. I have been endorsed by the NRA in this race, and again, just because of a horrible, horrible tragedy, I don’t believe we should be infringing upon people’s Second Amendment rights.”

While we’re discussing “rights”, I’d really like to hear Mrs. Ernst’s view on a fundamental right that I’ve always cherished – The Right To Not Get Shot.


She evidently wrong-footed herself by striving so hard to talk about the incident without acknowledging that guns helped make it happen. But I doubt she meant to say that it simply happened, without its being an intentional action, and I wish everyone in the political world would lay off the gotcha stuff and talk about real issues. A person can dream, right? Her positions are the better target.


But Logan, you can always purchase one of their bullet-proof vests, and then you can also buy their vest-proof bullets, so its a win win for everyone!

And the 2014 Todd Akin Award goes to…

Where does the RNC find these dingbats and crackpots? They seem to be attracted to the GOP like flies. Ms. Stepford Wife really needs to get her facts, what’s left of her brain and her sense of dignity back before debating anyone in public. She’s the perfect example of why the mentally-challenged should not be allowed to have guns.

Go ahead, Ernst, and show us that political ad again of you shooting a gun and accidentally shooting people… you don’t like. She’s showing her Stand Your Ground Zimmerman side for the TeaParty voters?


Although I’d never vote for this woman, given her politics, given her being endorsed by the NRA, given that I’m a progressive liberal, I’d be willing to give her a pass in the heat of an on-TV debate for the misuse of “accident” instead of “incident”. That’s all I’d be willing to give her. And seeing that she then went off on a Second Amendment pep-talk about gun rights as an answer to the question, and in the shadow of the tragedy, I think the woman probably should have her head thoroughly examined. She’s just incredibly insensitive and ill-informed. No one is talking about taking away Second Amendment rights ANYWHERE, except the NRA and the very very paranoid people who probably shouldn’t own guns in the first place.


You don’t appreciate the humor displayed “accidentally” by Ms. Ernst?

She was programmed to explode at some point in the campaign like all GOP women candidates since Palin?

After accidentally writing a 140 page manifesto about said accident.


Ironically, I’m guessing the GOP would actually be in favor of background checks for bulletproof-vest purchases.


Guns don’t kill people, accidents do.


It’s called a Freudian slip. She really does believe it was an accident that this man had flipped and used those guns to kill people. He was a rich man having a bad day.

I’ve seen and heard enough of this BS coming out of the mouths of conservatives in the last 40 years to know when they are confused and when they are being genuine. Conservatives are never wrong; they just frequently are misunderstood and offend people with their candor.


I know what Freudian slips are, thanks. Are you familiar with Occam’s razor?