Discussion: GOP Sen.: Talk About ISIL 'Probably Helps The Republican Party'

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“Talk” about ISIS helps the Republcans? Wow … just imagine what “Action” on ISIS (rather than running around screaming that the sky is falling) would do for your image Senator Portman.


One, we’re in a period in our country’s history, sadly, where we have a threat from abroad again. And people tend to look to Republicans to help protect the country," Portman said in response.

FDR was a Republican? Who knew?

It’s probably the top issue I’m getting. I had a tele-town hall meeting yesterday with seniors about, you know, issues like Social Security and Medicare, but what came up, you know? ISIS," he continued. “And I think that, probably based on the polling I’ve seen, what I hear, it probably helps the Republican Party.”

The first two issues will be addressed later after Ryan has his say. The third issue needs to be addressed (at least with Portman) via two ways:

  1. Lindsey Graham believes that 20k troops need to be sent back to Iraq for an indefinite period. This will likely be more of an issue with the Iraqi Shias and Iran. How do you feel about that?

  2. There was an attempt by Senate Democrats to prevent those on the non fly list from getting weapons. The GOP majority blocked that vote and only one Republican voted yes to modification (Mark Kirk). Now Pat Roberts based his vote on the 2nd amendment, what are you basing your vote on, Senator?


Sure, talk of ISIS will help the R party in the same way talk about weapons of mass destruction being in “Baghdad and Tikrit and east, west, north and south” of those places helped the R party.


“…people tend to look to Republicans to help protect the country,”


If ISIL were to conduct a terrorist act once a month from now until the election, would Trump and the Republicans win?
Isn’t that what ISIL wants? An administration belligerent toward Muslims?


Portman will be in that huge (sorry) contingent of Rs escorting their children to Army recruiting stations so the children can back up their parents’ bullshit.


WOULD Libtards HAve RISEN To the CHALLENGE of FIGHTING al-Queada after the DeSTRUCTION of the World Trade Towers by Invading IRAQ? I think NOT. ThaT IS WHY America lookS to RepublicaNS IN tIMEs of DANGEr. BecaUSe Muslim.


From strictly a politically-advantageous vantage point, I understand what Sen. Portman means – but I also believe he is sadly mistaking his party’s core voter ‘concerns’ for something that translates to a real, tangible issue. These are fears only – with very little in the way of facts to back them up. Senators Portman, Rubio and their party are playing off those fears, feeding them … and that does a major disservice to their constituents back home, their party and ultimately the nation and what we stand for.

Senator Portman, remember that “empathy” you suddenly realized you had a year or so ago when your son came out to you as gay? Sir, it’s time to put on your big-boy pants again.


What did I fucking tell you in my post earlier? THEY LIKE THIS SHIT. THEY HAVE TURNED THE CORNER.

If you tell them “your rabid anti-Muslim xenophobia and bigoted, nativist, discriminatory policies only feed ISIS, prove their claims that this is a Christian-Muslim holy war and help them recruit” then they say whatever baseless cowboy claptrap they say in response, all while thinking “good…more extremist Muslim attacks and bloodshed works in our favor, lets us attack Dems/liberals, blaming it all on them, and helps us radicalize our reactionary Christian base in preparation for and furtherance of the holy war.”

I’m DONE pretending that’s not the case.


Yeah b/c it provides a measures the success -failure of the GOPs ability to scare voters into voting for them and continuous war that only profits the 1% while the 99% subsidize it and in the end it leaves the country in worse shape then when they took office.

I mean how fucking hard is it to learn from history…


Well, I certainly know the wisdom of that old GOP saying–
When in danger, or in doubt, run in circles, scream, and shout.


Someone should remind the Gentleman from Ohio and his ilk what created ISIL and who created such environment.


Deep Thinker:

“I obviously am not happy about the events that happened last week in Paris,” Rubio said on “Fox News Sunday.” "But I think it’s a positive development that it suddenly has forced Americans to confront more carefully the issue of national security …I hope that we focus on that note more, not just for political advantage "

But certainly for political advantage as he said.

“I am not happy”, BS


"But I think it’s a positive development…

By the way Rubio [tried to weasel out of that “positive development” comment][1] by saying this below re the Paris attack the next day he said the above.

The fact that it’s acted as a catalyst towards focusing on national security is an important development in this campaign…

Yeah… replacing “positive” with “important” doesn’t seem to make a whole lotta difference.
[1]: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/marco-rubio-walks-back-comments-on-paris-attacks/


Cheney: Of course it does. Look, 9/11 made sure that our inept government got a pass. We started wars if we wanted to. Got as much money as we wanted, gave unpaid tax cuts etc. All because of 9/11. I cant thank OBL enough. And my Halliburton stock went thru the roof.


That’s how they gain supporters.

"I think the party is strong for a couple reasons. One, we’re in a period in our country’s history, sadly, where we have a threat from abroad again. And people tend to look to Republicans to help protect the country," Portman said in response.

Especially since 9/11, which happened while a Republican was president.


I can’t imagine why you’d ever pretend otherwise.


No doubt the seniors in the room have no problems whatsoever with sending more troops, in the form of young people, to fight yet another ground war.


For crying out loud, Republicans are only helped by ISIS-talk due to political correctness. If the networks stopped their embargo against calling ISIS “Islamic Conservatives,” which they are, then the Republicans would go into hiding every time someone mentioned their fellow travelers.