Discussion: GOP National Security Experts Ask Congress To Investigate DNC Hack

Wow, so even the GOP is catching on to the Russian taint of the Donnie Drumpf b-shit.


Finally the long silent Republican establishment is taking a stand. (Probably because they are afraid of what their leaked emails would reveal).


The letter cautions that the release of thousands of hacked emails from top DNC officials was “not a partisan issue” but “an assault on the integrity of the entire American political process.”

You know what else is an assault on the integrity of our political process? Restricting voting rights.

Once you’re done with this, hope you’ll move on that.


The problem I have with this is that once the “investigation” is started, finding out who’s behind the hack will immediately get put on the back burner and they’ll somehow turn it into looking into the content of the emails instead.


Errr, no. This is just another opportunity for the GOP to go on a fishing expedition, grilling all the DNC people and getting access to their computers and files. This is how an investigation into Bill’s finances made a sharp right turn into his sex life. And how Benghazi opened up the silliness about Hill’s emails. It is standard operating procedure for this GOP congress.


Now the Republicans think the Democrates should let the hacking of their email be investigated by the Rebublican Congress. They have been so nonpartisan, who wouldn’t trust them to do the job?


What would be the point of a GOP “investigation” when it appears the FBI is already looking into it? Not for political points I’m sure (cough). That would be another absolute waste of tax payer dollars. Congress should not be in the business of investigating things beyond the scope of their elected duties.


Wow. This could be a BFD. it took the level of nonsense Trump personifies to finally get them to do the right thing, but I’ll take it.


But they’re on vacation; they can’t be bothered with work!

Not sure what to think about this one. First, it starts with “GOP National Security Experts,” which normally means whatever follows is utterly false and wrongheaded, often dangerously so.

But we’re in a weird situation this year, and there seem to be quite a lot of GOP national security experts who are terrified at the thought of Trump as Commander-in-Chief. And at least on the surface, the angle they say they want to pursue is the danger that “hack-and-release” attacks by foreign powers could undermine our democratic system. Which fits with the “Putin is backing Trump” narrative.

Taken together, all that suggests the possibility that this is a move by Anti-Trump forces within the GOP establishment (specifically within the GOP foreign policy establishment), perhaps partly to wound Trump and partly to cover their own asses if it turns out (as now seems likely) that this was a Putin-backed operation aimed at helping Trump.

Only one problem with all that – if this is the work of “cooler heads” in the Republican Party, why would they ask Congress to investigate? After the disastrous Benghazi hearings, you’d think any remaining cool heads in the GOP would realize the House GOP leadership isn’t up to the task…or really pretty much any serious task.


Well, to be fair, if their intent is to try to interfere and smother the FBI investigation in show trial antics, then they are singularly stupid. Like, more stupid than we thought them capable. I just can’t fathom a scenario where that doesn’t backfire spectacularly. The FBI has all the tools and k ow how that congressional hearings couldn’t possibly match. They’d be making blind bets with a massive issue and their careers as the ante. Maybe i’m giving them too much credit but I can’t see it here.

Also, it is reasonably within their duties to conduct hearings about what happened because this was a potential foreign interference with our elections processes. They should inform themselves as to the nature and extent of it because there may be regulatory solutions they can offer. Plus, I suspect that even though the base may love what happened, the people who are in the know, in power and have to depend upon party apparatus for their livelihoods might recognize this one thing a nonpartisan in nature. They can’t afford to let this come back to haunt them.


Something must be done. This is something.


The Republicans are in the position of having their most embarrassing, foolish, misogynistic and bigoted statements coming from their candidate’s mouth. The RNC internal emails would be tame compared to what comes out of that incontinent elephant they have at the top of the ticket. This is for future consumption when Anonymous hacks their party like they did in Ohio, ruining Rover’s night in 2012. It would be super embarrassing to condemn it then when you find it hilarious now. Then again these dung eaters have no shame.

Yup. There’s definitely a political element to this, but it’s not ‘let’s root through the DNC’s shit’ - that’s all on Wikileaks now. The political angle here is ‘HOW THE FUCK DO WE NOT LET THAT HAPPEN TO US?!?’

And on the larger issue… yeah, Congress investigating basically means they’re asking to be looped in on the FBI investigation and kicking up avenues the FBI doesn’t have access to, like CIA assets who might provide more information.

There’s a danger the House GOP will try to score points on this… but there’s also a fair chance those GOP Congresscritters decide this is a way to prove they’re trying to do their jobs properly and distance themselves from Trump in November.


We have to stay consistent. If we are to base our caution and skept icon upon understanding that self-interest trumps all, then we have to keep in mind that the GOP does recognize how unpopular they are worldwide. In their position, regardless of how much you want to project confidence, would you want to risk that some other country that sides with Dems might decide to fuck your tender bum with some election-time hacking? Nope. Just nope.

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I think because of the nature of the situation, I’m not comfortable with a Congress run by a Republican majority administering any kind of investigation into this incident. This should be explicitly non-partisan.


I have been wondering where the NSA comes into this versus the FBI. Whatever tools the FBI has, if TV and Movies are to be believed (I say that sarcastically, but sadly they are more of a source of my knowledge than real facts)… the NSA has far more scary cyber knowledge and tools than the FBI. And in my view… this is certainly a threat to our national security.


One day story. Yawn.

Awwww What a cute investigation