Discussion: GOP Grumbles As Donald Trump Reshapes Midterm Campaigns

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This article is a bit more sparse on the grumbling than I’d have liked.


A lot of the GOP operatives in this piece remind me of Democrats worried about Ocasio making people vote GOP.

My own view of Trump rallies for the midterms is that of President Obama during his debate with Mitt Romney. “Please proceed.” Nothing can gin up Democratic turnout like Trump. He’s the grift that keeps on grifting.



It’s just an AP reprint, no TPM analysis. Weekend.


Having Trump out there campaigning while likely facing obstruction of justice charges from the Special Counsel is going to be great -for Dems. Because that’s all Trump will talk about. He’ll wallow in a pity party the likes of which we’ve never seen before, bringing even more publicity to the issue. And that’ll put Republican candidates on the hook to answer what would they do about it?


Five deferment Don,the grandest coward of our time,is trying to reshape manhood.
He has never done anything without bodyguards,lawyers or ass kissers covering for him.
The body that hides behind he over sized mouth.


I don’t know what kind of name might be given to the shape he is making, perhaps “pile.” I am not sure if Trump has really convinced himself that he can actually keep a Republican controlled house and senate merely by dint of his own personality (or it is simply an act of desperation), or if he just wants to be able to claim any seats kept or gained as being the result of his “stunning popularity.” A lot of it, I suspect, is just that he doesn’t like legislating and the usual presidential duties, and loves campaigning and the adoration of the crowds. (And, I might add, you can only do so much golfing.)


I think it’s the last part. He hasn’t really done the political calculation, but campaign (!) rallies is something he knows how to do. And when all you have is a swastika-emblazoned hammer…


“Part of the reason why the Nancy Pelosi attacks are so important is that they’re a way to motivate the Republicans who might not love Trump,”

And nothing can gin up Republican turnout like Nancy “Pay-Go” Pelosi.

Time for her to go.



Donnie is the baby at every baptism, the bride at every wedding, the corpse at every funeral. He is mentally ill.


Oh, no, republicans can gin up turnout with Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren just as easily.


It is unfortunate that, much like Hillary, Nancy has been successfully covered in mud by an opposition that has been deathly afraid of a powerful woman. (And they are trying to do the same thing to Warren.) Pelosi has, I think, a mixed record, although she has certainly managed to play a key role even during some very difficult times. It may be unfair, but I do think that it is time for the entire current set of Democratic leadership to be seriously moving aside and bringing up a new generation. The degree to which they can do that will be the measure of their legacy.


This is what feeds his teeny tiny soul. How many times have the reports stated that Trump at these support rallies for candidate x,y, or z even remembers to mention their name? It’s all about him, each and every time.


Something I haven’t seen mentioned - is Trump making money on these trips he makes ‘to support’ GOP candidates? Selling MAGA hats, etc.?

If so, the GOP won’t be able to keep Trump away from their candidates because he’ll want to support them ‘bigly’ until he can harvest the last penny from these events.


The Chinese sweatshops can’t crank them out fast enough to keep up with demand. Apparently, nothing says American quite like foreign labor (as long as that labor stays in its own country). It would all be very amusing except for the fact that I fear we will never be able to climb out of the hole they are digging for us, but we have to do what we can, while we still can.


You know Trumpskies don’t read the Financial Times? And for all their Republican leader’s championing fiscal conservatism the base don’t care, they are into immediate self gratification.


“If we lose the governor’s race for the first time in 20 years, all of a
sudden President Trump’s chances of winning in 2020 diminish with a
Democratic governor,” said Cardenas.

Huh. I wonder what he knows that Rick Scott is planning to do to undermine eligible voters in Florida.


Exactly. The current GOP makes the FT look like a leftist rag.

Before the collapse of Enron, there was an internal battle that fell largely along gender lines. Women in Enron wanted to focus on the company’s real assets: their pipelines and oil hardware, and such.

The guys wanted to sell all that stuff and form a big, sketchy energy speculation casino. It was like the household where mom works and saves and dad gets drunk and sells the refrigerator so he has money to play poker.

The guys won, and Enron is no more.

It really feels like we have that struggle now. The GOP under Trump wants to cash in on any possible growth or asset we have now or coming in the future for some immediate payout that will benefit Trump and his ilk. Any hope of longterm thinking or planing for national benefit is just gone.