Discussion: GOP Elder Statesman, On A Trump Presidency: 'God Help Us'

I feel your pain, Mr Schulz. But let’s put the blame where it belongs: on the Fourth Estate. The media has failed us, put in motion by your boss repealing the Fairness Doctrine.

Thanks, Ronnie!


Almost there Georgie…but when you laze out with the ‘Obama should have worked more with Congress’ it makes you a Lesser Statesman. YOU CAN DO IT.


Schulz was first eligible to vote in FDR’s third term. Doesn’t mean the GOP will listen to him though.


the Obama administration should have focused more on working with Congress

Seriously George? That is a bunch of Bull - you know damn well that the GOP made the pronouncement - even before Obama was inaugurated - that they would oppose everything Obama sought to do - with the objective of trying to be able to proclaim that he had a 'failed presidency"


Those Democrats of us old enough to know who George is, may feel some satisfaction from this, but the fact is that no one on the fence really cares what Schultz thinks.


Modern Republicans would rather have “D-” players (at best) that are complete hacks loyal to the GOP than “A” players who might buck the party line now and then for the good of the country.


Oh just frack off you corrupt asshole. Some of us remember your career and we don’t wish you well.

  • yes - remember some of W’s totally incompetent - crappy credential - justice dept neophytes! - ah but they did what they were told - no matter the legitimacy or ethical questionability.

Gimme a break. I guess he didn’t hear about the GOP’s stated goal of blocking everything Obama/Dems tried to pass. Obama has had more appointments blocked than the GOP POTUS-now where you gonna point that finger?


Trump: Indeed. God is helping otherwise I won’t be the nominee.

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But he added that the Obama administration should have focused more on working with Congress.

@sysprog – Came here to say much the same thing.

Apparently George missed that Obama’s first big action as President was to pass a recovery bill, which nearly all Rs fought tooth and nail, ending up with a stimulus that was much too small and much too focused on tax cuts…even after reaching out personally and individually to most R senators and R leadership of both houses. He kept trying to accomplish “bi-partisan” legislation throughout his first term in particular, to the increasing ire of his supporters, going as far as signalling a willingness to reduce social security benefits via chained CPI, a hugely unpopular offer (as it should be) with his own side. However Republicans were adamant that no legislation of any benefit to the country would be passed during an Obama administration if they could possibly thwart it.

Somehow I don’t think Obama was the one that failed to focus enough on working with the other side.


off the rails

Oh, now the old GOP hippopotami desire inclusivity…
But, I seem to recall warm, carefree days submerged in private, gated river mud knowing JEB will waltz to the mid summer set-piece nomination…


Schultz should be sitting in a jail cell writing his memoir on arms sales to Iran and funding right-wing death squads in Central America. If he gets lonely I can think of a host of people that could join him. GOP elder statesman? No. POS elderly war criminal? Yep.

Full disclosure: I’m not a fan.


Yup and Yup
From 2009
“Believing that the Republican strategy of opposition has played to his political benefit, McConnell is pledging to do more of the same if Republicans win back the Senate. In an interview with the National Journal’s Major Garrett, McConnell candidly acknowledged that he feels his “single most important” job is to defeat President Obama in 2012:”
Never one word about whats good for the country
BTW Republicans can go fuck themselves


If there was a god it seems like she would have kept him from wining the primary. Well at least she’s finally going to put a woman in office it seems even if it’s a long drawn out process.

Edit: SHe probably just trying to scare us straight(mind wise not sexually)

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Hasn’t Trumpzilla elevated this to a ‘what’s good for Trump’ art form?

He’s still alive? He as a tiger tattoo on his ass. Or so said his wife.

George and wife Charlotte are very, very prominent in liberal San Francisco social circles which sometimes include the Gettys, the Pelosis, Feinstein and husband, and if he’s at all aware of what people around him are saying he’ll eventually come around though he won’t say much about it.

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Her eyesight is failing. It’s actually Zippy.