Discussion: GAO: White House Is Stonewalling Our Inquiries


“The GAO is an independent, nonpartisan agency that works on behalf of Congress to investigate government operations.”

Ohhhh … so they’re trying to meddle, are they?

Well, that explains it! If they’re anything Trump hates, it’s meddling!


Trump tomorrow: “The GAO is run by Dimocrats and libtards. We don’t recognize their authority. Their inquiries are part of a Deep State witch hunt.”


In response to our requests, White House Counsel and NSC staff have either refused to have any discussion with GAO staff or not responded at all,” Armstrong wrote, calling the lack of cooperation a “clear departure from past practice.”

A twenty-five ‘seat flip’ (from red to blue), will give us a new Oversight chair.


“Oversight Committee” is a very apropos moniker under Gowdy because everything they’re supposed to oversee has become an oversight.

Somehow I don’t think that was what our founders had in mind.


It’s not the Deep State that has it in for you, DJT. It’s the State.


I wish that you would correct any misunderstanding that we may have…

You have to give Armstrong credit as a gentleman. Clearly, this was still the polite letter.


Apparently, the liberal left Fake News “investigators” at the Deep State GAO didn’t get the memo regarding oversight vested in Congress by the U.S. Constitution. Let’s spell out the FACTS clearly for these BUREAUCRATS who want america to FAIL:

  1. Our Founding Fathers only wanted Congress to provide oversight to protect the head of the Executive Branch from the rest of the Executive Branch by messing with ongoing investigations by the Executive Branch.

  2. Our Founding Fathers NEVER INTENDED for Congress to question any ALLEGED conflicts of interest by the President or his family, any FALSE CLAIMS of incompetence in the Executive Branch, or any MADE-UP misuse of federal funds or authority by President or his aides. That would be unCONSTITUTIONAL AND unfair. No president has ever had to endure this HORRIBLE INJUSTICE. Very UNFARE!!

I will FIGHT to Protect our LIBERTIES against the JAck-BOOTED THUGS of the SO-CALLED gao!!!



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Humm Trump must be screaming at somebody to find a way to terminate
GAO General Counsel Thomas Armstrong

May be difficult - but since in 2011 Thomas H. Armstrong, was managing associate general counsel at the GAO … and it has been established that any governmental service during the Obama administration can - if necessary - be cited as evidence of profound partisan bias - and accordingly, clear unfitness for duty … well it may be time for another dismissal …

Office of the General Counsel

The Office of General Counsel (GC) provides a wide variety of legal services that help ensure efficient, effective, and economical government operations. OGC attorneys assist Congress, federal agencies, and GAO analysts in interpreting the laws that govern the expenditure of public funds and the myriad of government programs and activities. GAO is nonideological, nonpartisan, and fact-based in its work. This independence ensures that OGC’s approximately 130 attorneys can reach impartial and unbiased judgments, consistent with the agency’s core values of accountability, integrity, and reliability.



Because… Trump has never had oversight and has always gotten away with whatever he wanted to do and thinks he can still do that. Because… if you’re not with him you’re against him. Because… if you don’t let people know what you’re doing they won’t be able to question it or prove anything. Because… the whole crew now in charge of the executive branch didn’t sign on for public service but for personal enrichment or to promote a corporate or evangelical agenda. Ugh.


Who is going to stand in the breech and force this issue?

No one, I will warrant. No one.


Still swampy after all these months. No transparency there. Lots of irritating, biting insects.


That’s the dirty little secret that the Trumpists in the WH have discovered. The only real enforcement mechanism is impeachment, and the GOP-controlled House will never go there. Even a Democratic House would find it a tough road to take. And in either case, a GOP Senate would never convict.

Short of that, the WH can simply stonewall everything. Absolutely everything. And they’ll get away with it.


Obsessed, bewitched, bothered and bewildered.


There is another enforcement mechanism that a GOP-controlled congress would also never use against a republican president, namely targeted defunding of the president’s favorite programs. This also doesn’t work against trump because he has no favorite programs except for the Wall and fox&friends.


But but but… the Trump Administration is all about transparency! isn’t that why they forced the briefings on a confidential informant and other evidence in the Russia investigation?


You do that so well. It’s scary.


Well of course not since it’s not about any actual occurrences. It’s all about a fairy tale Trump is telling his supporters to keep them from falling for the truth.

The truth is that the NSA has known since at least 2015, that Trump is a goddamn Russian asset.