Discussion: Gabbard Dodges Question On Whether Syria's Assad Is A War Criminal

Why is TPM bothering to give this fool any press at all?

The best thing to do with Gabbard is to IGNORE HER.


Good God. What an embarrassment.


This one was lucky, Tulsi. Assad is a butcher. I doubt it’s skepticism that makes you reluctant to say so.


She won’t get the Nom., but she will be the Dem that the GOP can point to for _____________________.


Yep — just another useful idiot who loves a camera. The two seem to go hand in hand.

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I know she calls herself a Democrat since that’s probably the only way she could possibly get elected in Hawaii in her district, but she’s barely that. She is a horrible candidate for President. She was easy for me to write off as soon as she announced.

55,000 children have died in Syria’s civil war, probably more than that but those are the official estimates. Gabbard has her head up her ass. The iconic picture above by matt will remain indelibly in my mind, as will many others.

Btw, tRump has yet to appoint someone to represent the US at the United Nations. The position has been empty since Haley left it.


But I’ll bet she’ll say Maduro is the worst tyrant since Caligula.

By the Way…

Whatever happened to Howard Of Starfuck?

He’s just the kind who would ignore Intelligence

He’s still trying to convince people that Social Security, Medicare, health care, and tax hikes on the wealthy are socialist programs that will damn America for eternity. In other words, he ain’t doing too good.

Crowd groans at #SXSW when Howard Schultz says look at Venezuela if you want to see socialism in practice.

"You don't like that?" pic.twitter.com/M0IUYQTQGT

— Waleed Shahid (@_waleedshahid) March 10, 2019

Well, she was sent to Iraq by a pack of war criminals whose (former) employers have declined to hold them responsible.

I can understand her confusion.


Tulsi who?


She’s ridiculous. This is the bare minimum for a candidate and she can’t even do that?

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We know her answer anyway.

Gabbard deflected the question like a seasoned politician, a skill that will be very handy come campaign season. The content of her Assad answer stressed a specific war crimes gassing allegation. Instead of a reflexive condemnation of Assad, she said the specifics of the incident in question were murky. I strongly suspect that she thinks it will be easier to reach her goal of bringing home our troops from Syria if she doesn’t paint herself into a corner now.

Watch her interview. Except for her difficulty staying rooted while standing, Tulsi exhibited a remarkable mastery of handling a high pressure interview in front of a large crowd. She’s almost ready for prime time.

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I’m going to have a difficult time taking Gabbard seriously until she asserts the Jews are Satan’s spawn. Glass half-crazy just doesn’t get it done with me.

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She’s a disaster. Hawaii needs to find another Democrat to represent her district.


To a great extent our foreign policy is based on a childish search for easy villains. It’s not accomplishing anything.

The thing about the label “war criminal” is that’s astonishing how much a leader can do without the label being applied. At least, that’s the case if one is powerful.


I don’t know enough about Assad to have an opinion on him. But I definitely agree that the second Bush war in Iraq was complete BS and always though the first one was too. Fuck you Bush family and all your members that were president.


She reminds me of some of the true believers I met at an EST weekend. Seriously full of shit.