Discussion: Fox Guest Stuns Hannity: Obama's Crusades Remarks Were 'Verbal Rape' (VIDEO)

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I guess Star’s going to have to do her thing on the Blaze from now on :crying_cat_face:


Even Mr. Potato Head is smart enough to know that when Republicans start talking about rape, ‘Here Be Monsters.’


I’m shocked that she didn’t say that Obama was worse than Hitler too.


Well it wasn’t verbal rape…there is no such thing. But the remarks were dumb as hell and completely unnecessary though. Obama invited this crap when he said those silly things.

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It’s not “Sticks and Stones” that break your bones…

It’s words that really hurt you.


Why is she a “twat”? Moron I agree with with.

He be all like sticking information all up in my head that I don’t want there. No means no.

BTW, what was she wearing?


Referencing a few facts of history even without the gruesome details is so silly.


True and Obama might take heed of that. Why he felt it necessary to make those idiotic remarks is mind boggling. There was no need for them.

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Verbal rape is an oxymoron. It is a perversion of English. There is no such thing as verbal rape. Maybe what she was trying to say is that she was profoundly distressed to learn that her religion is dripping with the blood of it’s victims over that past couple of Millennia. I understand that distress could be disturbing. But to merely point out the fact of the matter is not rape of any kind, much less, the impossible ‘verbal’ kind.


As I have asked you before and you choose not to answer… Have you actually read or listened to the speech? If you have you would understand all this brouhaha is out of context and not at all reflective of the message give by the President.


It is silly. There was no need for those “facts”…they were non sequitors and in poor taste at a prayer meeting. We all get the point: Islam is not the problem. He could have found a more elegant way of making that point though. Why set your oppenets up with crap like that?

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Because setting up his opponents for their next latest, greatest fauxrage is one of the things Obama does best? Also, because it’s fun.


Were any of those four abortions Star had the byproduct of verbal rape?


Again, have you read or listened to the message?


Except “we” don’t. You’d have to be blind not to have noticed that the point goes entirely and deliberately missed on a daily basis all throughout the MSM and Amurikkkan society. There is no “more elegant” way for him to have stated it: Islam’s not alone in having problems with murderous extremists who use their religion to justify all manner of atrocities and crimes against humanity that lessen us as a species. Period. The Crusades were an abomination, as was the Inquisition and a whole host of other shit Christians perpetrated on the innocent in the name of their God, and bluntly smacking everyone in the face with these facts was meant to slap some sense and perspective into peoples’ heads and remind everyone about glass houses.


The panelist is right about Christ as opposed to the Old Testament and what Mohammed said. Now, if Christians would just actually follow the (purported) words of Christ, and forget about the bronze age myths and rules from the Old Testament, we would all be better off in so many ways.

I’m guessing that guy has quoted the Old Testament about a million times to support his positions.

Watch the clip, courtesy of Media Matters

No. I’ll never get that time back.


Let me help you out here, lest you continue to waste your time: I. DON’T. CARE.