Discussion: Ford Contradicts Trump Tweet: Won't Be Moving Focus Active Production Back To US

I’m certain tRump will immediately issue a retraction.

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How can you tell when Trump is lying?|

Trick question. He is always lying.


The tariffs are not about whatever Trump is accusing China of, AP. They are about Trump’s ego, and playing to his xenophobic base.


Considering his ego will never be satisfied, his base is all he has.


Idiot makes shit up.
Film at 11:00


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I was being snarky.



Real action against China was taken by Obama through TPP. Whether you agree, or disagree with it, it’s undeniable that TPP was little more than an effort to reduce China’s strength relative to the US.

The biggest way it did this (other than generally building alliances with all of China’s neighbors and local trading partners) was by insisting on an IP protection scheme with Chinese neighbors, which would allow US companies to shift manufacturing out of China, into neighboring countries where their IP was better protected.

Even if countries didn’t actually end up doing this, the threat they might would almost certain,y have led to the US being able to insist on better IP protecrions in China.

Finally, auto manufacturing was something that was already moving to the US, because it is increasingly automated making the cost of US Labor a lesser issue relative to the cost of shipping cars across the world and the additional lag time between manufacturing and sale. If anything, the Trump tariffs which affect raw parts and raw materials more than they do finished products (the first tariffs were against steel and aluminum) and Trump’s threats of tearing apart NAFTA has probably resulted in some of these plans being placed on hold.


I can’t find it but I read that during Obama and Merkel’s last meeting while he was president, Obama, who by then had spent some time with Trump, warned her that “he’s serious about this trade stuff.” Serious, obviously, in the sense that he meant it, wasn’t purely bluffing. You can’t say “serious” on every level about a person who’s blithely suggesting that global corporations should should simply shift their production to another side of the world with vastly higher living costs and so forth. He seems not to understand the most basic 2 + 2 facts about any of this. Either that or it’s kabuki for the base that he’ll forget all about the day after the midterms. Or both! You don’t often see such bottomless cynicism and raw ignorance together but you don’t often see presidents like Trump.


You can see the same playbook being run here as previous trickle down efforts: “oh we just need a little more time for the [insert nefarious GOP plan here] to work” while the whole thing predictably becomes ruination for the working person and the deficit. When the evil Dems try to throw the brakes/reverse the damage, the treason party will say it all would have worked out perfectly if not for socialism, gay marriage and HEY THEY’RE TRYING TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS!!


and China happily stepped into that void left by our departure
Smooth Move Trump
Your Brilliance astounds us


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What could be easier?
So many faults
So little time


At this point, it may just be easier to keep track of when he tells the truth.

I doubt all of my fingers and toes will be used up by January, 2021


Yes, you can’t answer “when his lips are moving,” because he lies silently to himself.


A wise man once pointed out that many in the Republican base cling to their guns and religion, and despite the blowback he nailed it. If only those folks had the self-awareness to see the deception at the heart of that Party.


Can we all take a break to go outside and make sure that none of our vehicles are parked close to the neighbor who is likely to torch his Ford Focus? Perhaps they can ignite it by throwing a few flaming Nikes into the front seat.


FRom stuff I’ve read I’m guessing Ford will shut down making Focus anywhere and switch to only suv’s.