Discussion: For Fans – And Skeptics – Of Clinton In Philly, Trump Raises November's Stakes

Irony- a guy who has spent his whole life as an insider, and in fact is a part of the problem, can pretend to be an outsider. God, his followers are such rubes


Yeah, but when the banks come out in full force with the money and and the media people realize I’m America’s nana …

" May the sharp boomerang of fear that the GOP has cast..
make it's return to all but cut it's casters to shreds" -

Trump’s “message” seems to have started “resonating,” if I’m not mistaken, after Dallas. Let’s be blunt: panicked white people started circling the wagons and telling themselves “he’s not that bad.”

Against that backdrop, Hillary put the Mothers up on stage anyway. Because it was the right thing to do. That’s a team I’m proud to be on.


I think they got the message loud and clear we can’t let them takeover

I just wish all people of voting age realize how powerful they are with their vote…this country would look and be very different


When one major party candidate tells his followers that the country is in chaos and only “I can save you”; that isn’t the United States, its Idi Amin; Its Manuel Noriega; Its Benito Mussolini.

Patriotism is NOT a GOP value. Get off your ass and vote Hilary.


This is going to be a very close election…

And it’s sad that is going to be this close the gop has always been old white people for a while…but when they have someone at the top of the ticket knows nothing and is not even try to know anything and brags about it…they just follow him blindly like sheep. Eventhough he had given no policy specifics on anything just incoherent tweets daily about making America great again and no one really knows what means


I am a white American male. Gallows humor is a President Trump would wipe out Obama’s work he has put in the last 8 years. It will destroy Bernie’s movement. The way Trump treats women. Don’t be surprised to see Roe VS Wade overturned. Trump doesn’t care. It’s almost comical these people upset about Hillary being the nominee . If Trump wins they are going to get it shoved up their azz soo hard. I am almost at the point it would be vindictive to see it happen. Bernie is all about climate change and Trump thinks it’s a hoax.

The Republican’s who should know better especially on national security. They should be concerned about Trump’s NATO comments and his ties to Putin. But they will vote party first and America second.

Bernie’s supporters think he would win. Well I disagree… I saw an interview with Bill Daley who stated the key for Hillary will be getting the black vote out which I think she can do. Bernie lost because he couldn’t get minorities to vote for him in the primary. They were not going to come out and vote for Bernie who turned off alot of people identifying himself as a socialist. Some of Bernie’s supporters act like if Hillary is President for the next 8 years. The world will end. It might if Trump is President.

I voted for Hillary. I have given her campaign money understanding what’s at risk. Then I see these dumb F-ck Bernie supporters crying and whining. Alot are young and don’t have a clue what’s at stake. I saw interviews with them saying Bill Clinton was a lousy President. They were not even old enough to be potty trained in the 90’s. It pisses me off and I almost wish for the worse scenario just to see them eat a chit sandwich.


Encourage your friends to register and vote. Mr Trump’s candidacy is an indictment of the American education system. But for now- register- vote.


As Samuel Johnson is reported to have said, the knowledge that he is to be hanged in the morning concentrates a man’s mind wonderfully.

Or, in today’s terms: Welcome to real life.


I keep telling my young, voting age daughters that this will be the most important election in their lives.

They fully agree.


I think you need to clean your crystal ball.

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I hope you are right that I am wrong…

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And for heavens sake, use the MSM wisely. If there is any information which can be corroborated, then take a chance on using it as a means to an end. But DO NOT fall for their tricks. They desire a HorseRace and will paint Hillary in the most negative terms possible. The only reason that they don’t come out and simple say, “We want Trump” is that even the dumbest sheeple would think that the MSM is not “objective”.

The GOP has WON the messaging war. They KNOW that the MSM is nowhere near “liberal” and is, in fact pro-GOP. But they kill two birds with one stone:

(1) They keep the GOP Base enraged

(2) They convince the other sheeple that the MSM is really liberal, thus cloaking their pro-GOP stance


People can spend their precious time any way they want. You might use it to wring your hands and worry that Trump will win in November. Democrats are particularly adept at this. Or, you can do all you can to work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. I’ll do the latter.


I agree that we need to get out and vote, and to get others out to do the same. I would not blame American education for Trump. I would blame human nature for its greed and the media for making someone like Trump some sort of hero.

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If I could rec this 10X I would. Much of Rump’s appeal is racial polarization not economic justice.