Discussion: Five Steep Cliffs Facing The Dysfunctional Congress In 2015

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I would add “Water Runs Dry” to this list. Here in the West, groundwater depletion and drought have profound long-term implications. Groundwater damage is also now common in most states, A situation where the government must start apportioning costs, liability and enforcing land retirements without a fair system in place as required under the 5th Amendment takings clause could get mighty messy mighty quickly. The giant irony here would be that the US, of all countries, was the one to get hobbled by its own domestic resource extraction industries (something more appropriate to petrostates like Russia or Canada), which provide little in the way of innovation.

Indeed, innovation should be the one area where Congress is functional. It is the single largest driver of economic growth by a wide margin, with about a 3 to 1 payoff on any invested dollar. This is not just true in the US case, but any advanced economies. Indeed, any rural provincial official in China will tell you this obvious fact (and that’s a country that lacks the legal framework and property right protections enjoyed in the US). Yet we do not see the US Congress meeting around the clock to figure out what we can do to encourage the ephemeralization of technology, decarbonization of the economy, or new ways to invest in the American people. It’s like “Well folks, you have always provided a great return on education and training investment, but we gotta send this letter to Iran and throw a snowball at invisible Obama.” Instead our Congress seems to be going for the Mad Max scenario, which has not just falling off cliffs and car chases, but explosions, weird hair (thank you, John Fleming-LA), and a dystopian culture that relies on oral histories.


Don’t forget the possible crisis if the SCOTUS upends ACA subsidies! You know there’s not a credible GOP plan out there if they succeed in creating this crisis (which they thought would be a good idea).


The faces of the two most incompetent men in Congress.


Hmm, let see, people vote for a party that keeps saying, loudly and proudly that government is evil and incompetent.

Why then are they surprised when it turns out that the same party runs the government in an evil and incompetent manner?


Christ! These guys are the rust of government. They have un-accomplished so much that when they die, their coffins will be placed face down on a six foot mound of dirt.


Since Republicans took over the House in 2011, the mere act of keeping the government open has been an arduous task.

The passive voice is inappropriate. Republicans have made the task arduous on purpose, by pulling 17 dumb stunts a year.


So essentially, being hired to govern means funding infrastructure, tending the health of its citizens, old and young alike, keeping essential services the government provides everyday, and making sure the world knows that full faith and credit of the United States’ market economy is solvent, is like a real job, with real responsibilities. Who knew? Not this band of Do-Nothing GoOPers. They couldn’t organize a two car funeral.

That’s what the country gets when they hire a bunch of arsonists to put out fires.
We are so screwed.


I would think that as they peer over the first cliff, pushing them off would solve the other 4 immediately.
This is getting really old really fast as to there thought process about how to run a nation. Could fit there whole idea in a fish bowl everytime.


Non-voters get my vote for the problem.

Not hilbillies stuck in the Confederacy because of their internal demons.

But glib, educated people who just casually decide that they do not wish to vote.


The GOP Congress are like the 1963 NY Mets…Yes, technically they were a team but but they couldn’t do anything right and fell apart more times than not.Their cranky, crotchety old manager kept saying “Can’t anyone here play this game?”


Then there’s this little tidbit. Haven’t heard about it? Well, I guess it’s no big deal.

California has 1 year of water left according to NASA


The monkey is on the GOP’s back. They can’t default time after time again for the next two years. The last time they shutdown the federal government the economy slowed. They can’t run on that recond in 2016 with Brownback’s state shutdown debacle now hitting all the red states.


They not only can, they very likely will.


Instead of taking their jobs seriously and learning how to govern, the new GOP sees the Congress as a place for a showdown with the evildoer President, who must be thwarted at all costs.

This would be frightening for the country, except that their version of a showdown has become one darkly hilarious failure after another. “BLAM! Dang, shot myself in the foot. BLAM! Dang, shot myself in the other foot. Is this gun loaded?” (peers into barrel …)

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Check out the link in my post.

It is becoming more and more transparent that the GOP has one mission only; to destroy our constutional system of government and create a true plutocracy. For the love of all that’s holy, stop electing these people! If you’re not satisfied with the way our government works, let’s have an honest debate about the solutions. So far, the only answer we get from them is “Our way or the highway!” Obstructionism and opposition to every proposal issued by the Democratic side is no way to govern. What can we do to smack these idiots upside the head and make them realize the truth?


LOL, I thought you were talking about the groundwater depletion in the midwest. I’m not sure why. Sorry about that!

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Which the GOP is blaming on Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and…wait for it…President Obama.


The republicant eight year “Break it and complain plan” comes to fruition.