Discussion: Fiorina: If Hillary Faces A Woman She Can't Talk 'Whole Set' Of Issues

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so Carly is coming out in support of Auntie Lindsey?


I hope Carly will let us know when a woman GOPer decides to run.


A laundry list of personal failures follows Carly Fiorina around. She fucked up HP. She has not yet won an election. And now she thinks she can be president? Guess what: Hillary certainly would be able to run a womens’ issue campaign against you because your policies would be no different than the conservative white men who are running.

Once and for all, please go away.


I guess she’s found the one thing that sorta qualifies her for the nomination, other than being a panderer. Too bad she’s never won anything.

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Carly spent $5,000,000 of her own cash in a failed attempt to buy a Senate seat. She should sit down and STFU.


Agreed. I consider Cruz to be the epitome of narcissism and arrogance but, when I see an article about Fiorina, I remember that she should be at the top of that list.


I hope Carly will let us know when the GOP decides to let a woman run.

fixed it

“She’s the most aggressive Republican candidate when it comes to someone attacking Hillary Clinton,” Iowa Republican party former political director Craig Robinson recently told The Guardian. “She’s not bashful about going right after her. That’s made people sit up and notice —the fact that Hillary Clinton is being critiqued by another woman.”

This is what’s wrong with our politics today. We’ve made aggression and attacks as a show of leadership instead of stating facts and solutions to the problems our country face. It’s pathetic!!! After the chaos she caused at HP, she really should consider going on a permanent vacation somewhere.


Run, Carly, run!!!

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Carly Fiorina:

I think that if Hillary Clinton were to face a female nominee, there are a whole set of things that she won’t be able to talk about. She won’t be able to talk about being the first woman president, she won’t be able to talk about the war on women without being challenged. She won’t be able to play the gender card.

Right. If Fiorina were to win the GOP nomination she is so desperate for (which she won’t), then Hillary Clinton would have to run on competence against someone who got fired from HP for nearly running the company into the ground.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Carly, but as a Democrat, I’m pretty much okay with that scenario.


Someone else who wants 15 minutes in the spotlight .


Correction, Daniel Strauss: Carly Fiorina is the former CEO of HP.
Former because after five short years at the helm, she managed to run the firm so far into the ground - to the point where the stock lost half its value and 30,000 workers lost their jobs – that the board of directors voted to fire her.


Yes, and Carly could not even win in 2010, when the Tea Party was in its ascendency.

Shorter Fiorina: Nominate me because I’m a woman, so Hillary “won’t be able to play the gender card.”

Nice way to play the gender card, Carly. This is what is meant by cognitive dissonance.


Wow…check out that botoxed facelift.

Anyhoo, what a lovely way for a GOPer/Teatroll to highlight their brain-damaged belief that they can counter gender and minority issues solely by running candidates who can claim vajayjay or darky status. Because, you know, it all has nothing to do with the issues and the candidates’ policy positions.


“She’s not bashful about going right after her. That’s made people sit up and notice —the fact that Hillary Clinton is being critiqued by another woman.”

Someone should tell that “political director”…it doesn’t matter. No one’s listening. There is NO WAY the GOP is going to run this idiotic perennial loser. She’s offensive and one thing she would rule out is going after Sec. Clinton for being shrill. And by the way…just who is playing the “gender card”. ( Damn I hate the ‘card’ things. )

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Carly Fiorina is the PERFECT VP candidate to go along with Smirking Scott Walker as Pres.
She has FAILED UPWARDS her ENTIRE LIFE and now is seeking refuge in politics as the business world is on to her scam of “being talented”.
Just think about it: Walker/Fiorina
A duplicitous, morally-corrupt asshole paired with an incompetent, entitled, token female candidate.
A match made in heaven for the KOCH BROS.


I do expect that republicans believe that people aside from older, white, heterosexual males mainly vote based on identity politics, so her argument makes sense in that context.

A: Hillary is a two-term former US Senator and Sec. of State. She ain’t running on gender, Carly

B: Trying to get the nomination for yourself so you can be “the other woman” makes you look pathetic, Carly, because that would be running on gender.