Discussion: FBI Has Obtained Wiretaps Of Russian Official With NRA Ties Who Met Trump Jr

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“Mr. Trump’s son should be concerned,” Grinda responded.

It’s like “Fargo.” People think they can cut a corner, get out of a jam, lever themselves up to the next level, and end up bringing everything crashing down. Oh well.


Los Españoles también tienen un Estado Profundo ?

Que lastima !


Oh my! Dotard Jr., has Dotard Sr., a run for his emotions today! With this latest news of Jr’s recorded conversation with a tight wad to Putin, had been delivered to Mueller’s team?! Truly knee jerking!!!


“…a Russian gun group run by right wing extremists…”

The GOP?


I’m confused about what is on the tapes. Is Torshin talking to Trump Jr on the tapes or is it just that the tapes incriminate Torshin and then that can be used to pressure him to flip on Junior?


Aside from what we need to do to the traitors in our midst (ie every Republican in Government). We can’t lose sight of the fact that these dirty Russian pigs need to be literally destroyed.

Any Russian in their government and especially mobsters and oligarchs need to be targeted using any means necessary. Take all their money and put their dirty asses on a drone strike list if they set foot out of that country. This is literal war.


… and that concludes this hour’s episode of “Scamalot: The Next Generation.”


The only clear reference I’ve seen is to a conversation between Torshin and money launderer Alexander Romanov. Of course the clear implication is that the conversation is a problem for Junior.


“Just a few months ago, the wiretaps of these telephone conversations were given to the FBI,”

Meaning Mueller has had these tapes for some time. Of course, these tapes were a conversation “between Torshin and Alexander Romanov, a former Russian banker with connections to the mob,” [businessinsider.com] not between them and Jr. It’s noted that Torshin and Romanov are both known money launderers.

This means that Mueller has been busy authenticating what Torshin and Romanov said that involved Jr. in these last few months. I can hardly wait for the day the indictment falls on Jr.'s head!


The fact that the conversation exists, at all, is potentially an enormous problem, like 5 years in a federal prison, kind of problem for Junior. He testified that he’d never had any such conversations with anyone. And heaven only knows what sorts of things they might have discussed, that could in fact constitute criminal conspiracy. I mean, if they talked about anything other than Russian Adoption programs.

Someone else pointed out, while the Trump crowd is stunningly inept, they are, never-the-less, in control of my nation at this time. We’d never stand a chance, I mean not a snowflake’s chance in Hell, if we were confronted with even mildly competent evil.


Like father like son. PPotus would be working in a target store if daddy hadn’t fronted him millions. Jr. would be a burger-flipper if he hadn’t chosen PPotus for his daddy. Dumb as rocks, all of them.


Has Trump Jr. testified that he never spoke with Torshin? I have to go see if my lawnmower will start after sitting all winter and don’t have time to look it up. :smile: I’d be happy enough to see him nailed for lying to Congress but I’d purely love to see them all confronted with evidence of their money laundering. That’d be a happy, happy day.


The tapes are actually from 2013 and do not have dotard jr. on them. Michael Isakoff broke the story for Yahoo news.


TPM was confusing, but other sources say the parties to the conversation were Torshin and Romanov. They evidently discussed Jr.

The FBI has obtained wiretapped conversations of a Kremlin-linked banker who later met with Donald Trump Jr. during the 2016 presidential election. Spanish national police provided the FBI with tapes of Russian oligarch Alexander Torshin’s phone calls with a convicted Russian money launderer, according to a special prosecutor from Spain’s attorney general’s office, Yahoo News reported.


You were saying.


Presumably the significance of the tapes in question is that they include Torshin talking about his contacts with Jr. and that what he says is inconsistent with Jr’s account. Best case (worst case for clan Trump) is that Torshin told Romanov about illicit Russian financing of the Trump campaign.


t. stew is best when well done.

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Did the same thing the other day and got a pleasant surprise: After a bit of (ignorant and probably meaningless) tinkering, it fired up and did just fine!


Whoa! Isokoff dates a meeting took place in 2013!!