Discussion: FBI Director Acknowledges Risk Of Creating 'Misleading Impression'

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No shit sherlock. But nice job helping an orange-headed weapon of mass destruction get his tiny fingers that much closer to the button.



This may turn out to be a major plus for Hillary; she’s going to win despite this “bombshell”, and since it was revealed BEFORE the election it means the GOP and Trumpers cannot say it was purposely withheld for her benefit. It really is a non-issue with regard to the election results.


Shitheel’s walking it back now.

What a partisan turd.


sure. I also think there is a slim chance this is a matter of Comey fucking with the House Republicans.
He was obviously very pissed last summer. He can give them what they want while totally screwing them in the process.
This of course is not the most likely scenario.


Just hearing from friends & relatives who would have voted for Hillary before all this, they are livid and even more enthusiastic about voting for her. I don’t even understand what, if anything, is in the mind of the undecided voter. Who are these people?


This is the voter suppression effort the Trump team was talking about.


Interesting Jane Mayer piece on the controversy within the Justice Department over this. It’s a distinct break, obviously, from their decades-long efforts to avoid letting investigations and other activities affect elections. Seems like a combination of bullheadedness, misguided word-keeping, and self-protection on Comey’s part—enough so to explain it but not excuse it, in the big picture, at any rate.


No kidding. We’re well past the “dead girl or live boy” stage of partisanship. Nobody is going to change their mind. The undecideds will smoke a few clouds of something, push random levers, as usual. The rest? It’s war.
This may have been in the Mayer piece, but I read a couple of times the suggestion that Comey was doing this to protect his own reputation.
If true, this really shows how out of his depth he is.


Jim Comey, who was appointed by George Bush the Dumb Torturer, seems to have a vendetta against Secretary Clinton. He went out of the way to demean Secretary Clinton’s service while absolving her of guilt.

I think we have to follow the money to understand his actions.


I don’t want to create a misleading impression

Not to worry, Jimmy. You just write the letters – congressional Republicans and the Trump campaign will provide the misleading impressions. It’s what they do.


Not to his present position. He was appointed Director of the FBI by Obama.


I believe that this is just a continuation of the work Comey did for Ken Starr and the Whitewater investigation, witch hunt. He should resign now. He is looking more like J. Edgar and his abuses of the FBI every day.


If Director Cocky Comey really was concerned with the public’s interpretation of his message, why did he not take the time to present a fair balanced and untoward slant in his letter to the Congress committee chairs?

If Comey had taken the time to write an unhinged letter, then we would not be having these dumb conversations this morning. Besides, who and where is his communications manager? I’m sure the agency has one. Clearly if the communications manager and the FBI’s legal department had reviewed the content of the letter prior to distribution, and if they were worth their salt, I would think they would have strongly advised him to rewrite the letter to have the LEAST IMPACT on the election. To me the essence of Comey’s letter has a very partisan slant to it and that is what is unfair and unwarranted at this particular time in this presidential race.


I know Comey’s letter to Congress will NOT change my mind! Because I have already voted! And I would still vote the same on Nov 8!


The whole goddamned investigation that was really the numerously failed Ben Ghazi investigation that just happened to spin into emails because that investigation was also wholly horseshit as well is a misleading MoFo.

All of them, starting from Clinton’s days in Arkansas have been one giant, never-ending, baseless, fact free, desperate, smear laden, tax payer funded and bottomless pit of waste, little smoke with no fire, Republican wet dream and vast right wing conspiracy exercise of masturbatory nothingness.

And this is the good that I have to say about it. May Comey suck eggs in hell along with his brethren, they are of no use to the nation.

After Hillary sleighs the Orange Blob, Comey and the rest of the Republican dickweeds can go spend the rest of their days in Dick’s bunker, whereeverthefuck that is.


the essence of Comey’s letter has a very partisan slant to it

Here’s the letter. How is it “very partisan”?

With this latest demonstration on how Comey is the “brains” behind the FBI, I’m sure bank robberies, kidnapping, and other federal crimes will undoubtedly increase significantly.


This is definitely one of those cases where you write the letter one day, then look at again the next. What may seem perfectly sensible and non-partisan one day may by the next day look like a hot mess.

He did this on Friday because… the FBI doesn’t work on weekends?