Discussion: 'F**king Douchebag': Lawmaker Apologizes For Profane Rant In Video

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Patience, Highlander. There can be only one Chris Christie.


In what way did the man “hound” O’Mara?

English motherfucker TalkingPointsMemo, do you speak it?


“I still don’t like the underhanded tactics, but I should know better.”

Based on his reaction, evidently the only underhanded tactics this Republican supports are saying publicly that he’d never support contaminating the area while doing precisely the opposite.

What he doesn’t like is that he got caught saying what he said, and he can’t lie his way out of it.


I’ve had enough of " Your kind. "

Yeah…enough of you fucking American voters.


Wow I think he was holding back a bit and “that’s interesting” was the drop of water that broke the “damn”!


Apparently, it was more interesting than the politico wants us to believe.


See, this is what I think of when I hear, “Your tax dollars at work,” proclaimed testily. These arrogant pricks need to hear, over and over again, “I pay your salary.”


He’s not the victim in this and should not be allowed to lie to the contrary. Only a fool would believe his " I felt threatened" lie and douchebag is not the topic. It’s scumbag and this man is one.

Given whats really here, a hotheaded liar and elected official with an inclination to go against his community’s best interests why should an “apology” get him off? This guys too broken to fix with an apology. How in the hell would a part of the world with vineyards in it elect this disgusting man?


“that’s interesting” implies the recorder knows ( and probably has the goods to support ) the contrary is the case. That’s what pissed this creep off.


I thought he handled himself great. He just looks bad because he was taped. People should be allowed to trash talk.

> douchebag - noun, commonly used to describe, dismiss or intimidate at least one actual or potential voter and/or interest activist, commonly used by elected public officials, certainly all who are erpublicans but also too large a percentage of those who are democrats, who regard their primary loyalties to lie with those who have already and/or may in future make or cause to be made noteworthy financial donations to said official’s public election and/or re-election campaigns, and certainly not with actual or potential voters and/or public interest activists who ask annoying and/or inconvenient questions about issues over, or in relation to, which said official holds authority or political influence solely by virtue of having been elected into public office’; commonly markedly more reliably an accurate description of the official using the noun than the person the official is using it to describe, dismiss or intimidate.

I would have thought that every socially aware person over the age of 12 of reasonable intelligence knew of this definition.

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Because, when I am concerned for my personal safety, the first thing I do is escalate the situation by screaming profanities at my hypothetical attacker. Not.


Someone has anger issues. Maybe he lives near a gas leak and has been inhaling it for a while. or licking lead painted walls.


hey, just “standing his ground”. obviously scared for his life. apparently not packing or he could have protected the wife against this fearsome antagonist.

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Now that’s the way to connect with your constituents! Yep, yep, that’s the fucking way to do it!


You sure have to love them Republican ‘family values’ they keep talking about. . . . .


That’s what all mealy-mouthed jerkwads think ; )

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What a fucking douchebag.

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Remember the first time you heard the word ‘fuck’?

'course, I remember when ‘butt’ was a naughty word…

and ‘ass’ was not acceptable unless prefixed with jack.

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