Discussion: Experts Agree: The Electoral Map Is Miserable For Donald Trump Right Now


These experts are too polite.

C’mon, he’s going to lose bigger than Godzilla.


I hope we don’t become complacent. Trump needs to be so badly defeated that he is reduced to tears.


The bigger question is how to close the barn door now that the horse is out. I may be missing something but I don’t see how Trump turns the tide after spewing all the swill that’s come out of his mouth.

No one is expecting the morons who, for whatever reason, are supporting him, to jump ship. After all they are wholly invested in him. He speaks their language.

But the vast majority of those who have not yet succumbed to his irresistible charm aren’t going to now that they know he’s a certifiable nutcase. The EC map is not going to change in his favor, no matter how hard he and his minions try. Pence is an ornament to appeal to establishment types. Even this is not enough. The fruit loops used as spokespersons, new and recycled, are not helping.

This man has no viable roadmap to navigate his way out of the wilderness. Over the years I’ve had discussions with friends about doing away with the EC. I’ve said do so at your own peril. Popular vote sounds sexy, but at some point sexy wears thin and reality begins to look more attractive.


Trump sees very enthusiastic crowds at his rallies. People LOVE him. He thinks this represents the populace as a whole. He can’t see beyond what’s immediately in front of him.


He can’t see his dick because his gut is too big also too.



“Unless he can either reverse his slide among white college-educated voters or do unprecedentedly well among white, non-college educated voters he doesn’t have a path,” Teixeira said.

The poll found that Trump led Clinton 53 percent to 31 percent among white voters without college degrees. But Clinton led Trump by 30 points among the white, college-educated voters.

White, college-educated voters could be the key to this election. Ceteribus paribus, if white, college-educated voters had an 80% turnout and voted 85% for Clinton, the result would be a 538 electoral vote sweep for Clinton. An 80% turnout isn’t unrealistic since this group had a 77% turnout in 2012, but an 85-15 break for Clinton is somewhat unrealistic. But even a 70-30 break for Clinton would result in a 513-25 electoral vote split with other groups remaining the same. This means boosting the turnout among white, college-educated voters by only 3% of the total and and increasing a 30 point lead to a 40 point lead, neither of which is impossible.


Experts agree? Even Teapublicans can see it.


Trump will need to be much biglier bananas to turn the EC around. The college age people won’t expect any student loan relief from him. Utah being kinda Mormon doesn’t want a their religion screwed around by his Teabangelicals. Republican Congress lizards find new and improved reasons every day to ease away from the cosmic turd that is vectored directly at the electoral fan. :fireworks:

The bananas behavior can and certainly will get worse. But the base is not going to grow even if he eats a corn dog with a fork and blows a duck call out of his ass. Republicans hate losing and losers more than anything else.


Trump’s whole world can be reduced to “people say…oh! squirrel!!”


If he drove himself around he couldn’t plan as far ahead as his hood ornament.


Ha! I am going to steal your line – it’s the best!!!


Discussion of this.
From now until Election Day-- it will be the killing blow that delivers the Senate.

This has to be the topic-- not nationwide polls. Not favorability. Not likeability.
At some point the MSM has to throw up their hands–
and give up the idea that there is any further 'horserace ad-revenue’ left in their charade.



Couldn’t happen to a nicer ass-hat…


Things are going to get worse as.his bulls hit tour continues to unravel…expect him to take the podium looking like Rambo in his next round of preposterous stunts.


Top Democrats warn against writing off Trump

As the GOP nominee’s poll numbers continue to sag, fear of complacency is suddenly a hot topic of discussion on the left.


Is it just me or have the Drumpf spawn disappeared? Haven’t heard one of their classic “explanations” of what Daddy Dearest really meant for quite a while now.


Trump is cratering on electionbettingodds.com
He is down 2.9% in the last 24 hours, currently at 17.7%.
Give me 3 to 1 odds and I’ll bet that he is below 10% within two weeks.
The usual stakes----GoET punctuation marks.


Yep. HRC has to thread a difficult path. She has to exude confidence while at the same time convincing her supporters that the race will be razor thin. She needs a win big enough to not only win the White House but also possibly overtake both houses of Congress as well.


Hmmph. I think people will be plenty motivated to defeat Hitler. We want a 40 pt margin.