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Everyone already knows that. Everyone, that is, except for the GOPers who demanded the withdrawal of the 2009 DHS report reaching the conclusion “white supremacist lone wolves pose the most significant domestic terrorist threat because of their low profile and autonomy.”


Someone alert the media so they can dismiss this information, continue to sow fear of the other and otherwise keep us focused away from our own brand of homegrown terrorism. It’s high time for a dialogue between the public, pols and the media (a tri-alogue?) about the role of extremism and right wing ideology in this country. We need to be talking about the effect of politicization of fear as an ideological framework, its outlets like Fox “news” and conservative shit-talkers, and the effect on fragile minds with tenuously restrained racist hate and bigotry. When I say “we” I mean we need to force liberal pols to begin to really take to task the proponents of bigotry and race politics at every opportunity.


I imagine there will be more attacks, especially when you have fear-stokers like Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, and the NRA spewing out all sorts of false and misleading information designed to prey on most people’s most deep seated fears. The other day, a conservative person posted a picture of Mr. Roof burning an American flag, with the meme saying, “Only Liberals Burn flags and hate this country.” When I pointed out to him that Mr. Roof was a conservative who had ties to white supremacists, he took the ostrich approach and simply said, “That’s not my conservatism.” To which I responded, “Well, he’s definitely not a liberal.” Logic won’t work on these people because their minds are made up. And the propaganda from the lunatic fringe is only going to make it worse. ISIS won’t have to destroy our country; the extremists within our country will do it for us…for a tax deductible donation!


The mission of the conservative movement.


Giuliani responds… “But, but, but,…Muslin Terriers!


“I have no choice,” the manifesto read. “I am not in the position to, alone, go into the ghetto and fight. I chose Charleston because it is most historic city in my
state, and at one time had the highest ratio of blacks to Whites in the country. We have no skinheads, no real KKK, no one doing anything but talking on the internet. Well someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world, and I guess that has to be me.”

As a 50-year old gay white man who grew up in rural Virginia, lived in California for a number of years and back again in Virginia, I have to say this kind of thinking scares the shit out of me. But, along with being scared, it makes me very angry, more vigilant and being aware of what and who is around me. This man and all those like him are very warped in their understanding of A) History, and B) What it means to be a human being with any sense of empathy and compassion.


What is almost as chilling as contemplating the horror of Roof’s ‘manifesto’ and his hate filled visage on media outlets and his monstrous deed is the absolute pretzel the Republican candidates and leadership will twist themselves into to avoid even using the word racism, their pandering to the gun-nuzzlers and their refusal to demand the removal of that Confederate rag flying at SC’s capital to a museum.

These Republicans and Conservatives are no different than the Con and Bagger pundits at FOX, on line hatemongers, and Rightie bloviating gasbags on the radio who poison the minds of and help create the vicious monsters like Roof. They are enablers of this murderous and misguided rage and hate.


The element of good news in this story is that those in law enforcement aren’t taken in by the FoxNews willful ignorance. This, despite the fact that LE types probably skew conservative.


FOX News is also scared more by home-grown white terrorists, 'cos they haven’t figured out how to report on their base without offending them.


You can add chuck todd to that list after yesterdays…MTP, eglot…!

Cops are here on the ground with the racists and white supremacists! … Islamic terrorism is 98% invented and scare mongering by the media and gop bags occurring in the USA.


From Cliven Bundy to the racists songs on a bus by frat boys to a black man being shot in the back while slowly running away from one white police officer to an old white retiree accidently shooting a black suspect in the back then being allowed to go on a “planned family vacation” to a fourteen year old black girl in a bikini being pinned to the ground by a big white police. Need I say more? Experts have every right to be worried.


I so rarely offer editing suggestions to this talented crew of writers, but to clarify, just a little, the essence of this article, one might convert “to be a greater threat than Islamic extremism.” into “to be a much more likely threat than Islamic extremism.”

The difference isn’t exactly profound, but subtle, it puts the issue into cold, practical terms of likelihood instead of allowing the reader to defend their prejudices with the more ambiguous “greater threat” version.

There are some who have been so brainwashed by FOX and Rush, et al, they consider anything related to Islam as real terrorism, but anything domestic is just some white man gone mad. For them there is no greater threat than Islamic terrorists, no matter how heinous the mad men’s crimes.


I know you were being humorous, but there’s some valid truth to your suggestion…


Police terrorism seems to be even more likely than either other scenario… when we are finally capable of rightfully accusing law enforcement of abject terrorism (consider the drug war) we might be able to start changing it, but as long as we hold our police and troopers and mounties above the law, and refuse to admit the terror they cause our own people (think about Ferguson) we’ll never get a handle on these crazy white killers.


I’m eagerly awaiting JEB!'s latest revision, since last week he still wasn’t sure whether it was racially motivated or not.


I believe enough time has passed he won’t comment on it further. FOX news won’t push for it, and I seriously doubt if anyone else in the “Liberal Media” will either.

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JEB!'s latest incarnation is how, as Governor of the great State of Florida, he was the one that took the Confederate flag down from the State government building(s).

I guess that will be his differentiation from the rest of the GOPpers, like Ted Cruz who thought this was a good time to make a joke about gun control over the weekend.


If he’s got any sense at all, he’ll say almost nothing of substance for the rest of his campaign. He came into the race widely perceived as the smartest, least crazy passenger in the G.O.P. clown car. Yet every time he has spoken about anything, beyond the usual “American can be great again” platitudes, he’s revealed himself to be something of a dullard, and just as deluded as his fellow bozos. Surely his handlers are now figuring that out.


As a highly educated WASP and one who’s traveled extensively outside the US as well as across the US over the years on both business and pleasure I strongly submit the following:

  1. Obama is wrong and he is a chicken - the US has not made progress on racism and inequality over the last 25 to 30 years. Obama is out of touch with what’s really going on and especially in the southern red states.

  2. The Confederate flag is NO different than the Nazi Swastika. Both represent the worst of humanity and they should both be illegal to display. Let them both be in museums and the history books as reminders to populous of what happens when we allow bigotry, fascism, blind nationalism, and extremism to take control of society or parts of our society.

  3. The rest of the world views the NRA as a racist and terrorist organization. So why don’t we in the US view the NRA the same way!

  4. Any Republican who refuses to demand we take down the Confederate flag is by definition a racist. There is no other way to cut it.

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