Discussion: Ex-DNC Chair: Keep Wasserman Schultz Off Convention Stage 'For Her Own Good'

It’s not for her own good; it’s for the good of the party. There is no reason DWS should be visible at the convention, except her own ego. She is so selfish and self-centered, determined to make this about her.

Get off the stage!! Damn!!


Excellent advice, Ed. Get her the hell out with no convention appearance. She will do nothing except be a symbol of the problems she has created.

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She is off the stage

Why some are trying to pretend otherwise is beyond me, except in a very bad attempt to stir the pot.


They dealt with it swiftly. They removed her from her position and from the convention. To continue is just playing into the hands of the people who want to see the turmoil narrative.


DWS will gavel the convention open each day. She got booed serverly by the Florida delegation this morning. We don’t need that playing out on the main stage.


Rendell also said that as a non-practicing Jew, he was “highly offended” by the bombshell emails leaked online Friday by Wikileaks which showed top DNC strategists plotting a potential coordinated attack on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) faith.

If he was truly committed he'd stay after practice, after everyone else had left, and keep at it awhile longer. I know from personal experience you can raise your percentage from the line by a good 10  points in a month or two if you're serious about it.
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Not dealt with, yet, so far as I know. She is still scheduled to open the convention. If true, the moment she comes on the stage tgere will be pandemonium.

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C’mon guys, can’t we turn this into another comment thread bashing “Bernie Bros” and how Sanders shouldn’t have been allowed to participate in the primaries?


Seriously, Rendell was one of the first to throw Gore under the bus in December 2000. He has been an enthusiastic FoxNews Democratic for close to fifteen years. He’s in love with seeing himself on TV and he always puts his foot in his mouth. STFU.


Elizabeth Warren’s advice to the DNC and Clinton campaign well over two months ago…“Don’t screw this up!”. Well, their stupid sloppiness just keeps churning away regardless of any good advice. Will they take Rendell’s advice?? Some how I’m reluctant to think if they can ignore Warren’s good advice, they will ignore Rendell’s good advice. What idiots!!

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She heeds to go home and be away from the cameras and booing. Period.


DWS has been anti-labor and pro corporation and TPP and she should have resigned long ago…and taken Hillary with her.

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DWS is radioactive, she shouldn’t appear at all at the convention. It will only cause a unnecessary and unproductive distraction. Be gone!!


I’m reading accounts in multiple media outlets of disgruntled Sanders supporters and delegates expressing firm plans to disrupt the convention both inside and outside the hall to maximum effect. Delegates are pressing the rules committee and chair to allow every single parlimentary procedure possible to gum up the proceedings, stall the nomination and embarass Hillary as much as possible. Everything short of an armed riot is being threatened outside the arena.
Do these goddamned idiots realize Hillary’s nomination is a done deal and all these shenanigans do nothing but heighten the possibility Trump may win? The concessions Sanders has sought leading to the convention have been largely granted. Minimum wage. Super delegate modifications. WTF do they think they’ll accomplish? Do adults really need to throw hissy fits over their frustration of not getting what they want, as if they’re kids in the grocery and Mom has said no to buying them a bag of candy? Punishing and embarrassing and delegitimizing Clinton is more important than defeating Trump? They’re fricking insane.


I just hope they are smart enough to see the villagers with the pitchforks and torches.
Wake up Morans


This morning’s FL delegation appearance demonstrates she is clueless as to how the media will use the booing clip as their lead as the convention opens. Rendell says she is stubborn. I say she is putting self above party. She has not served the party well as chair


Why if she has been removed, does she get to do the gaveling? I am new to understanding this.

Uh… it’s spelled Morons.

“To question a guy’s faith is just the lowest thing in politics.”

So much for criticizing Donald Trump’s opportunist evangelism.

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