Discussion: Everything The Feds Want To Know About Freshly Lawyered-Up Jared Kushner


A preview of the inevitable fall of the House of Kushner…


New MAGA shirt:


I feel for Jared, NOT!


That third item is the big one… the ‘data’ operation and its potential links to the Russians and their intrusion into the voter rolls…


Jared Kushner is a crook
Jared Kushner’s wife is a crook
Jared Kushner’s father was a crook
Jared Kushner’s father in law is a crook
Jared Kushner’s brothers in law are crooks

Steal $50 and go to jail, steal billions and become senior adviser to the president


Here’s wishing Abbe Lowell even more success with Kushner than he had with Keating, Abramoff, Rostenkowski et al. Twenty years would be swell.


Throw him in the slammer just like they had to do with his old man.


Who is his father-in-law and a crook.


Along with reports that Trump himself is under investigation for possibly attempting to obstruct the probe, investigators’ interest in Kushner shows how far the Russia probe has reached into the President’s inner circle.

This should really come as no surprise. Chiselin’ Trump’s “inner circle” was formed, by design, from those with close ties to Russia.


If they had stayed out of politics then the shady dealings would have stayed shady. Oh the irony.


It ain’t irony, it’s hubris, gets 'em every time.


I don’t weep for him.

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If Parscale goes down, he takes Bannon and Kushner with him. (Of course I’d love if the Mercers got caught in the net, but I imagine people that wealthy are protected somehow.)


Hey, its just a few Presidential advisors and the Orange Menace himself that are under federal scrutiny, being probed and investigated.
That’s normal right.

This nation needs a win, a big, strong, fat win.
The whole Trounce association falling would be just that.

If Pence wants some then he can step into the meat grinder and take his chances. Because we gotta get past Pence to get to Ryan and Ryan is a much sweeter target.

Trounce is right-kinda, once we get winning-there will be so much that we might just get a bit tired of it.

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Wealthy people are protected somehow? People like the Mercers are wrapped in silk, cradle to grave, and are trained how to utter phrases like “the dignity or work” and “the minimum wage kills jobs” before they encounter solid food.

It is a very taxing project to have compassion for the compassionless.

That said, I imagine Jared would be very,very popular in Sing-Sing. No Club Fed for you! And he’ll warble like a lark to avoid that.


What I find most depressing is, all we seem to have left is the rule of law. Our “democratic process” has been (I think) hopelessly poisoned by the fact that people self-select for what news they read, and so, on the Right, all of this is seen as a “witch hunt,” or opposition to Trumpcare is just “liberals whining,” etc. There is no arbiter anymore, everything is disseminated according to tribal confirmation biases. Even if we here are “correct” you have to admit, we are tuning into media that confirms us, and the other side has its own media that confirms them. tl;dr: this is how functioning democracy dies.

And as I said, the only obstacle is the rule of law, the Feds, the intelligence community, the IRS, and so forth.

And having said that, Mueller come up with a video of Trump getting an envelop stuffed with money from Putin, and the Right Wing media would say (as Brit Hume recently said) “nothing illegal, just maybe innapropriate,” which in the media game of telephone would eventually filter down to the republican tribe drones as “no harm no foul, all just a Democrat plot.”

I just watched Mississippi Burning a few days ago. It had numerous clips with interviews (actors of course) that had them all the locals say, the entire thing was a “hoax” cooked up by “northern agitators.”

The more things change…

Except today, those people have an entire cable network and innumerable radio and internet voices confirming them anything against them and their people is just … fake news.


Jared, unlike his FIL, is hiring a quality legal team with a solid work history. Despite that, he will still spend long years in prison.

Exactly!!! I totally agree. That’s the key.

Big data analysis

  • Jared’s connections in the right-wing corners of blue Silicon Valley (follow the money)
  • that file on virtually every American voter casually left online by the Republican operative
  • Russian intrusion

= 10 years in a jumpsuit that matches the color of daddy-in-law’s hair

Keep working the data operation investigation, and one day Jared The Silent will sing like a canary.


But he is such a nice young man…


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