Discussion: Early Football Season Marked By National Anthem Protests

The Last Refuge of Scoundrels…and Conspirators to Commit Treason and Obstruction of Justice…


Peaceful, respectful protest. The bedrock of our country, regardless of what the fraud in the White House would have you believe.


It seems professional football players aren’t nearly as easily bullied as NFL team owners. I hope to see a great deal more of this (and yes, I’m a football fan).


Most excellent. Nothing gets up Twitler’s ass deeper than these protests.

Turn the screws guys, turn the screws.


Hey, here’s an idea-just stop playing the national anthem. It’s not a patriotic occasion, it’s a sporting event. The players don’t represent the US, they “represent” a US city playing another US city. Really, though, they represent billionaire owners who love their city so much they will move the team if the taxpayers don’t build them the studium they want (Green Bay Packers excepted). Save the national anthem for the Olymmpics, World Cup, etc., where the teams really do represent the country.



I think the Trumpers are down with police shooting unarmed black men. Little doubt in my mind that Trump is winning this issue with the MAGA people. The rest of us not so much.

It would be interesting if the reporters would ask the players why they are protesting and then air their responses. That is different than asking them what they have against the military or the flag or some other similar Trump bullshit.


The owners were trying to placate tRump, but the players know there’s a bargaining agreement that the owners can’t just ignore and make new rules. The players are right to continue the protests and let the matter go to arbitration or court.

tRump was looking for a way to boost his base and (again) rub the noses of Black people in it. Well, tRump, this fight is proving as easy to win as your dumbass trade wars. Good luck Spanky…


Why don’t we just solve the problem. Hold police officers accountable when they shoot some black man in a situation where they wouldn’t shoot a white man.


Frankly I’d like to see a couple dozen or more players on every tream do this, at every game. Let the league and owners try to fine half of every team, every game. Then when it gets real heated I want every player on board. Whatever fans are aliented are a Klan of racist fucks and they can go to hell. I can do without them watching my favorite sport. Or in my grocery. Or the dog park. Anywhere. Goddamned racist fucks.


If you think about it the NFL is big fast mostly black and brown men playing a fast dangerous game that ultimately results in debilitating injuries for most players all for the entertainment of mostly fat rich white people. Replace the football with a sword or a trident and we haven’t advanced over the Romans.


Go to an NBA game. It’s become a recruiting event for the DoD. Color guard on the playing floor with the anthem singer. Camo clad vets interspersed throught the crowd, TV cameras trained on their toothy grins during every timeout. Some of those same vets trotted out onto the floor at halftime to toss t-shirts to the crowd. College ROTC recruiting tables set up in the concourses. More vets on camera as “God Bless America” is sung between the 3rd and 4th quarter. Oooooh, oooh, here’s Sergeant Bob, home from Iraq unannounced!! And there’s Bob’s family, tearily rushing the playing floor!! Hey Sonny, over here, by the popcorn stand!! Want to pet the military guard dog? Sure you do!! And here’s a video of your favorite player, taken pre-game, shaking hands with vets and thanking them for their service. Watch this while you wait for the actual goddamn game to be played.


The players have the courage to do what is right. Too bad the owners have none. IF the entire NFL told Trump to eat it, Trump would be defeated and clueless. Almost nobody in the country has much courage to do what’s right anymore except NFL players and a few million similarly courageous patriots.

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As long as Ving Rhames can have the police called on him for going into his own house, this protest has merit. The NFL needs to get on the train, before one of their players faces a similar situation and isn’t quite so lucky to survive.


Another reason to hate the Cowboys, if you hate the Cowboys, is that Jerry Jones is on record as saying his players will stand or else: Care to guess who Jones supported in 2016 (hint: it wasn’t HRC)?


Yeah, Jerry was with his players. Until he wasn’t.

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And you just know that was for the show and publicity. Look at the body language. Everyone else in the photo is head bowed; he’s looking up at the camera with a smug, ‘look how wonderful I am’, expression.

Sorry - I was raised an Eagles fan. We had T-shirts once upon a time that read I root for the Eagles and any team playing against the Cowboys (they were in our division, too, once upon a time).


That said, the fact that they are watering down the “taking a knee” – especially those who just go to, or stay in, the locker room – is a bit of capitulation which only has impact so long as it is reported. IMHO, it should be a visible reminder in every game that this country is still wildly racist with a police force that kills too quickly.

With Roger Goodell and so many of the Oligarchy team owners being rabbid Trump supporters and campaign donors, it will be a miracle if the NFL makes it through this season without a massive player walkout. At some point the US people, including professional athletes and maybe led by the athletes, the nation is going to demand that Trump & Pence and their racist administration resign. Trump hasn’t done much right but one thing is he has fully exposed Republicans as being flat out racists!