Discussion: Documents: Girl, 15, Who Shot Brother, 16, Suffered Abuse For Years

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Poor kid.


Thanks for saying everything possible to say. I was just sitting staring at the screen.


The longest they kept her locked in her room was 20 consecutive days, the father told police.

Let me guess, they were home schooled so no one would notice her absence from life?


I tried snark about Florida, I tried asking why they left the three year old, I tried proposing that the parents be beaten in public, but OtterQueen gets it just right. Poor kid. Poor kids.


“The girls were being held in juvenile detention on suspicion of murder and a prosecutor is trying to decide whether they will be charged as adults.”

Or how about “at all”? I’m also trying to understand how the 11 year old could be tried as an adult here. I mean, really Florida?


How about if we charge the parents for failing as adults, and let these girls try to piece their lives back together as best they can?


We have a justice system that thinks that it’s a great idea to throw everyone and anyone in prison.

IF all the story about the abuse is true, there’s NO WAY the 16 year old should be sent to prison, ESPECIALLY the 11 year old who really did nothing wrong - she seem to not have known the sister was going to kill the brother.

What the system need to do is get these children some seriously psychological help.

The kids are all victims, including the brother who was killed.


By the age of 15 years-old:

  • She had been repeatedly locked in a room with only a blanket and a bucket for up to 20 days
  • 2010 - At the age of 10 years-old her uncle was convicted of raping her
  • 2011 - At the age of 11 years-old her brother molested her; also beats her and locks her in ‘the room’
  • She attempted suicide but neither law enforcement nor emergency services were notified

Where is the justice for this young lady? Charge the ‘parents’ with Depraved Indifference and put them on trial. This young lady needs long care treatment, not having her life thrown away in a jail cell. Hasn’t that been her life already.


Can’t accuse responsible gun owners.


If you believe for even a nano-second that these parents were “responsible gun owners,” then you need a psychiatric intervention right now.


These children—all three of them----need counseling immediately.

And they need to be in a place where they can be loved—because they clearly are not loved by their irresponsible and cruel parents.


Clearly if the girls needs to be locked away for 20 days these people should have gotten her mental assistance, which, probably cost them too much being truck drivers and what appears to be one salary (if the wife can join).

Multitude of problems that could have compounded and led to this.


Many of you might remember how awful the record of the child services department was during the Jeb Bush administration. There were so many awful reports of incidents like this and the terrible understaffing of the department. Looks like nothing has changed. It is, after all, Florida.


I think glblank was being sarcastic.

“Clearly if the girls needs to be locked away for 20 days […]”

No kid “needs to be” locked away for 20 days with a bucket for a toilet; that’s a glimpse into a huge part of the problem. Sad that the now-dead brother picked it up from the parents.


And the legislators who criminally understaffed and undersupervised child services will say something sanctimonious about how doing such a bad job means caseloads have to be increased and audits decreased.


Some ‘Family Values’ need to be retired.


Honestly, the community and the state need to be put on trial. I know people don’t like paying taxes, but a robust network of social services would have flagged and intervened in this situation years ago, preventing the abuse, the killing, and ultimately the trial and waste of several young lives.


Not only that, “Their parents face charges of child neglect and failing to supervise.”

The children should be sentenced to loving support and therapy. The parents should get 30 years together in a dark cell with one blanket and one bucket,