Discussion: DNC: Scalise Explanation For White Nationalist Event Is Bogus

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Someone please please please find a quote of him saying “moulinyan” or “moolie” please please please…

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It’s kind of amazing that a state representative was not in control of his agenda. He had an aide, probably the one who set up the appearance and wrote his remarks and now still another aide is explaining why Sleazy didn’t know where he was. He knows to show up for payday, and that’s what counts in his world.

Claiming he didn’t know to whom he was speaking is admitting he’ll talk to anybody that promises a plane ticket and an audience and contributions? That’s the best he can come up with?


They missed the money quote from this genius:

"I spoke to the League of Women Voters, a pretty liberal group. … I still went and spoke to them.



At some point, you’d think the Republican Party would ask themselves why this keeps happening, what is it about their ideology that again and again attracts white supremacist organizations. You’d think they’d be asking themselves why it is they’re losing Asian voters at an even higher percentage than Latinos and why they’re beginning to lose even Cuban voters. They can continue to blame Obama, Al Sharpton, and Eric Holder for racism today, but it doesn’t explain why and how these incidents keep happening on their side of the aisle.


I called BS when I first heard it. I am 55 and I clearly remember that David Duke=racism. When did he run for governor? I recall the “in this day and age” outrage over how close he came. And I’m from New Jersey.


And in so doing, he legitimated that terrorist-sympathizing front group and its radical extremist so-called “good government” agenda!


What difference would it make? This is the same state that has Diaperman for a Senator.

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Josh linked to an important and informative article dealing with that very topic in a post on the front page.


That’s an amazing piece of false equivalence from him … and just the sort of thing his supporters/apologists have no doubt copy-pasted into their repertoire.


have to think the white sheets in the swag bags being handed out at the registration table would have provided a clue.


Breaking: Southern Republicans are Racist. Details to follow…


They don’t care. They only care when they get caught and even then how many repukes have your heard from asking for this guy to resign. They stick up for their own. They are proud racists.

I am first generation italian and I am so disappointed that so many italians are republican/conservative and racist. I am not intimating that all italians are racists and that all italians are republicans but all italian republicans seem to be racist


You mean about the policeman who wrote to him?

Pretty damn brilliant piece that perfectly explains a similar phenomenon. Chammy here’s the link to the piece NCSteve recommended…http://www.theonion.com/articles/why-do-all-these-homosexuals-keep-sucking-my-cock,10861/

I’m sure the GOP is hoping the country is so distracted with the last days of Christmas vacations and New Year’s Eve that no one will notice that yet another of their leaders was caught playing footsy with racists.

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What about Robert Byrd, Libtard?

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Drinking so early in the day can’t be good for you.

For a man whose specific goals were to get to DC you’d think he’d have advisers that also reflected that career path

He stopped being racist when it became unpopular in the Democratic party.