Discussion: Dems Want To Make Price Nomination A Proxy War For GOP's Medicare Plans

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Hey GOP:

Payback time.


OK, so-called moderate Republicans in the Senate, this is your chance to prove it. Susan Collins, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, I’m looking at you.


So where are the nation-wide tv commercials from our PACs etc.? Effete, intellectual Senate-floor battles aren’t what works. Full-scale, no-holds-barred demagoguery works. Learn to message, fools.

Lemme fucking help you get started:

I could pull them out of my ass like a string of beads all day long if I wanted. Now, shit or get off the pot.

Edit: I suppose I could also have gone with…“RyanCare’s Voucher Smorgasbord: Pick Your Plan…” Anyhoo…the fucking problem is that the American people aren’t going to wake up unless the Dems make them, and yet here we find ourselves having to first wake up the Dems? What a fucking joke.


Way to go, but let’s also remember something: Medicare is part of Social Security. The attack on Medicare is an attack on Social Security! Still the third-rail of American politics? I hope so.



Never count on them.


As Josh pointed out in the debates, the default setting in this public discussion is that “Medicare and SSI are going bankrupt.” Somehow, the questions asked in two debates started with that assumption.

That is not true, and it’s a very bad frame to start from. The GOP will be framing their plan as SAVING Medicare, and they have a lot of help from their sympathetic media and the lazy MSM.

Framing Medicare as an institution in crisis has helped the GOP a lot. Overcoming that will be the hardest part of keeping it in its current configuration.


Remember when being associated with the KKK and Nazis and Russian spies were third rails? Seems quaint now…


Also: Price REALLY REALLY HATES the shift away from “fee for service” that was driving up costs in Medicare. ACA has curbed medicare costs using outcome-based payments. Why does Price hate that? Sounds great, right? He’s a phyician, his pals are physicians, and he gets lots of support from doc orgs.-- and the cost savings for patients and Medicare mean smaller payments to docs. From New York Mag:

The crucial test will be whether the ultimate Obamacare-repeal legislation which Price will presumably oversee kills without replacing the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation that has been driving the transition to value-based health care, mostly through Medicare. Republicans genuinely interested in holding down public and private health-care costs without radically reducing coverage should pay special attention to the direction Price and the entire Trump administration take on this issue. Tossing millions of people out of their current health insurance will be bad enough. Continuing a discredited system that encourages wasteful spending for the enrichment of medical professionals and hospitals at the expense of patients would be much worse.



You double down. You say we’re going to let everyone over the age of 55 get Medicare. Anyone who disagrees you characterize as the corrupt mouthpieces of the healthcare mafia.


Yes, this. This is about framing - the GOP wants to:

  • Kill the gaurantee of universal ooverage for seniors and everyone who’s been paying into Medicare.

  • Let the doctors, and hospitals charge as much as they want and the insurance companies cover as little as possible

  • All so they can give $XX billion to billionaires who laugh all the way to the bank.

This may not be 100% accurate, but it’s compelling. And Democrats need to learn that in today’s political environment, compelling beats accurate every day.


The best defense is a good offense.


Let us call it what it is coupon care, the word voucher makes it sound like it has some value. They will want to continue to call it Medicare, but it won’t be the same thing, just because I call a mud puddle a pizza that doesn’t make it one.


I need to be impressed, Democrats.


Where are the rubes with teabags on their hats with the signs that say “get your government hands off my Medicare” when you need them? It’s like all those End Is Near, apocalypse guys on 8th Avenue disappearing on 9/11. WTF?


Good. It should work.


A major obstacle in the fight to save Medicare is the fact that AARP has had a “partnership” with United Health Group since 1998. A lot of seniors still believe that AARP represents them when, in fact, they’re really just shills for the private health insurance industry. I’ll bet you anything that AARP will fight very hard on the side of privatizing medicare since that will bring a shit ton of money to their “partners” at UHG.


It wasn’t that long ago that Sen Warren was saying we need to change the conversation. She’s 100% right. It should be about how we can improve Medicare and Social Security, not where can we make cuts to save them. They don’t need saving. Gotta get the message out - either ‘keep your hands off our programs or we’re gonna be cutting dicks off.’