Discussion: Democratic Operatives Livid As Original Obama Staffer Joins Schultz

“No amount of money would be worth this,” a former Obama aide added. “This is very shortsighted of him.”

“No amount of money would be worth this,” a former Obama aide added. “This is very Democrat of him.”



Never underestimate Democrats’ talent for self destruction.


I strongly approve the Obama staffer’s action. The Republicans and Democrats are two different labels on the same product, We need a non-political outsider to represent and serve the people of America.

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Let’s get the stupid out in the open early.

I have played in a lot of groups. If a piano player in one of the groups I was on robs a bank ten years later, it would tie him to me as much as this fucker is tied to Obama.

The “Original Obama Staffer” tells me that a lot of this Schultz bullshit is a ratfucking to get the Dems rattled. The astonishing thing to me is that I still do not believe that we have suffered enough to cure ourselves of handwringing and doomsdaying.

Optimism and straight-ahead thinking takes speedbumps like this, laughs and keeps on moving


It’s a long way to Tipperary, located in November 2020. Obviously, the MSM have too much time on their hands. Must not be anything important happening out there.


We live in a gilded age where grifting is rampant. Dems are not immune from it. President Obama needs to talk to his former staffers.


It’ll take more than one Bill Burton and a doomed Schultz effort to help Current Occupant escape the-drubbing he will get at the hands of our eventual nominee - whoever she or he is.


Right and there is plenty of time to beat on these assholes and get Schultz out of the picture.


Calm the fk down. Howie will NOT run. He will NOT get to the primaries. He wants a voice…he ALWAYS wants a voice. He tries. He wants to stir up conversation. It never works. He is a successful businessman but as far as ‘connecting’ with his employees or his community or his ‘people’ he fails. Right now he is running to the arms of the ‘no labels’ crowd and being petted by Cons who think he’ll screw the Democrats. Stop. Just stop.


Probably got an offer that he couldn’t resist. Staffer to Obama, then staffer to the next highest bidder with Schultz sticking it to the Dems.


Do these fools know the first thing about political messaging? To attack Schultz on the basis of damaging the Dem nominee’s electability is completely useless. You must attack Schultz on the basis of bad policy, first and foremost. That means jumping on him for his retrograde position against the evolving healthcare baseline message (“Medicare for all,” etc). Second, unaffiliated voters who tend Democratic need to hear the message that Schultz’s centrism does not serve their interests.


Democrats, quit your whining and beat his ass with your progressive/liberal ideas and alleged intelligence. We have the perfect example to point to of what happens when egotistical billionaires get elected serving in the WH right now. If you can’t beat Schultz you don’t deserve to win.


Amen! Attacking Schultz for wanting to run makes us no better than the RNC canceling primaries to “clear the field” for Trump.


“No amount of money would be worth this”

Obviously this isn’t true for everyone.

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I always thought the goal of politics was to make life better for as many people as possible, not to be “better” than the other guy.

That being said, criticizing Schultz for running is no different than Schultz exercising his right to make his bad-faith run. Everyone’s got rights.


This entire “candidacy” REEKS of Republican/Russian Ratfuckery by the Greedy Oligarch Party.

Some megalomaniac idiot Billionaire wants to keep (and expand) his current Tax Breaks so he throws a spanner in the machinery all the while “rending his clothing” that he is SUCH a “centrist” and those mean Democrats/Socialists “don’t want him to run!!!”

Bullshit. He is a greedy asshole whose ego has been stroked by Russian Trolls at Davos enough that he is now deluded into making sure that Trump gets reelected in a 3, 4, or 5-way race.

After all, it worked in 2016 with Johnson, Stein, and others! Why not try again?

United we stand. Divided we fall.


Shiny Object! Shiny Object!
Now we have something for all these people to talk about non-stop for the next week


Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think a Schulz candidacy cuts into the Democratic vote as much as it presents a choice to the traditional GOPers who can’t stand Trump but aren’t comfortable voting for Democrats.

I think another response the Dems can have to him is, America has already had one CEO for president. Do we want another?

Sure, he might be smarter and more competent than the Drumpf crime family, but in the end, what separates him from Rex Tillerson or Wilburrrrr? Top-down thinking, a misunderstanding of what government does and how government is supposed to work, board-room cronyism – why do people persist in thinking CEOs are special?