Discussion: Dem Slams Chaffetz For 'Beating Up On' Planned Parenthood President For Her Pay (VIDEO)

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I was sick to my stomach watching this farse called a hearing. The main intention was to discredit Planned Parenthood with lies. They asked her questions then wouldn’t let her answer. The people who made the video were not there probably because they would have been shown to be liars. This was as ugly as ugly could get


And it doesn’t look as though it will improve anytime soon —

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You couldn´t pay me enough to have to talk to assholes like Chaffetz. Not to mention the real and present danger that anyone even tangentially connected to providing women´s healthcare in the form of abortion faces every day in our violent nut ball country.


Ms. Richards demonstrated a forceful yet patient eloquence that would impress any fair-minded observer. More importantly, she had the facts on her side, which may not matter to right-wing zealots looking to score political points with their out of touch base, but I am confident it will matter to the majority of the electorate.


Yep, it was disgusting and made a mockery of congressional hearings. As if the GOTP public serpents have not done this for many years now.


GOP to Planned Parenthood President: “Your compensation…is $590,000. Correct?”

Don’t Republicans view executive compensation as sacrosanct for high-income job creators in a free market?

(Clearly, Chaffetz knows nothing of GOP dogma.)


it would appear the Honorable Mr Chaffetz learned his interrogation technique from watching old Senator McCarthy tapes…

no war on women here…

who is left to actually vote Republican?


After House Oversight Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) quizzed Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards

That wasn’t quizzing. That was ranting with question marks.


Honorable??? Rep. Chaffetz doesn’t know the meaning of the word!


When did a salary of a hard working person become illegal?
We pay Congress critters $174,000 a year. and that’s for doing a job they DON"T DO. AND in the 113th Congress the schedule showed they were “in session” FEWER days than not. I’d have loved to have a job for which I’d hafta show up 2 days a week on average and get paid a salary of $174,000 per annum.

The 114th Congress has scheduled 133 days "in session out of a possible 260 week days. That’s 2.5 days a week “in session”. To me that is a part time job. Most part timers don’t a salary of $174,000 or get benefits much less the benefits Congress critters get. So, there was no call whatever for Chaffetz’s behavior. Even if he was being reasonable, which he was not. The investigation wasn’t the salary, it was the videos. So this shows in spades they got nuthin’.


The most disgusting display of misogyny and hate. Cecile is her mother’s daughter and handled herself like the beautiful lady she is. Fuck these GOPers and once again, they are on the wrong side of history. PP is a very popular organization as it should be for the incredible work they provide to men and women across the country who could not otherwise get the care they need


its an honorific applied to all members of Congress… not an actual comment on whether its deserved… also sometimes called irony…


There are thousands of rallies going on all over the country is support of PP today, I decided to get involved myself and am wearing something Pink today.


I’ll be he wouldn’t ask Jamie Dimon such “questions.”


Thanks for the reminder…I shall do the same.

So the take-away for the hearing is that Richards makes a lot of money and they do abortions and offer other family planning services? Am I missing something here? I just don’t get it.


I’m looking forward to him asking Wayne LaPierre how much he makes. ($970,000 by the way – and that’s No. 2 at NRA).


I don’t have anything pink to wear…
But I do have a computer. And email addresses of people in Congress. It might be doable to point out the salary THEY take home in Congress for 2.5 days a week of work voting on legislation (supposedly).
The churlish idiots in Congress have wanted to take down PP for years. It’s the best they have since they can no longer attack the ACA. But this time their gov’t shut down tactic would boomerang big time should they follow thru because in the process there’s a lot more at stake this time than just the full faith and credit of the USA. There’s a perfect storm of deadlines coming due at the end of this year and the end of October.


“Your compensation, we’re showing, based on your tax returns, is $590,000. Correct?”
So, not above a little TAX SHAMING are we? Is that even legal for the committee to access her tax records, much less PUBLICIZE THEM? What a crock of shit this whole thing is.
I thought that we were past the whole “House Committee on Un-American Activities” back in the 1950’s, I guess I was wrong.
“Those who refuse to learn from History are doomed to repeat it.”