Discussion: Dem Operative Steps Down In Wake Of Latest James O'Keefe 'Sting' Vid

The real story here, as its always been, is that HO’s supporters are easily drawn out and will punch people for exercising their first amendment rights.


What kind of idiot currently working in national progressive politics today doesn’t have a photo of James O’Fucking Keefe on their bulletin board? He’s Public Enemy No. 1.


These people are naive idiots if by now they’re not automatically suspicious of people they can’t personally vouch for interviewing them, especially if a video camera is present.


so the gist is drumpf supporters are as thin skinned as he is and are easily provoked by a T-shirt …makes sense to me


No idea how true this video portrayal is given O’Keefe’s record of false stings. But if Dem operative acted like this, glad he is gone. He seems quite slimey and would fit in better at Brietbart.


Well, you know, they wouldn´t have to take the bait, would they?


Politics ain’t beanbag.


“It’s a matter of showing up, to want to get into their rally, in a Planned Parenthood T-shirt. Or ‘Trump is a Nazi,’ you know. You can message to draw them out, and draw them out to punch you.”

Though he was stupid for talking out of turn, Foval wasn’t lying

I wonder if Trump will get the current defendants to force the DNC to pay the bill.

Yes it’s getting laughed out,but still…


If I recall they use hidden cameras. It’s part of the reason the quality is so poor.


You can thank Nixon’s minions for inventing ratfucking. The only rule is don’t get caught.


‘And for the win…swish.’


Cameras are also getting smaller all the time to more easily fit in phones, be worn, fly in drones etc. Trivially easy to hide them. It makes it all the more important not to be an intemperate jerk. Let the other side have the monopoly on that.


Bob Creamer is an idiot and always has been.
What state was this recorded in? Does it have laws against secret recordings?
Who did Creamer THINK he was talking to?

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Foval was doing the talking in the video. He was the one that was fired.

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Or if they are carrying a big purse strategically placed on the desk. I mean, duh.

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Wait, you mean the big reveal is that these videos disclosed that certain Democratic political activists were sending people to Trump rallies . . . wearing t-shirts??? OH MY LORD! THE HORROR! LOOK AWAY, CHILDREN – LOOK AWAY!!!

Is this a joke?


It will get HUGE play on all the major networks tonight prior to the debate. Just as intended.
The lazy, feckless, incestuous MSM will pick it up and run with it like they did the bogus “Quid Pro Ouo” story yesterday.


Agreed, but I’m still a bit fuzzy on the controversy – some Dems went to Trump rallies wearing progressive-cause t-shirts? This is . . . scary and wrong or something?


This kind of cravenness in caving to a known liar and ratfucker who has already caused damage to upstanding progressive institutions (ACORN and Planned Parenthood) and individuals (Shirley Sherrod) makes me absolutely furious.

The GOP goes to the mattresses for any member of their party, no matter how despicably they act, and the Dems hang our allies out to dry at the merest whiff of impropriety.

Do you know what this discussion sounds like? An actual bullshit discussion, say like many I had as a clinic escort. You know, locker room talk. “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if we sent someone in a PP t-shirt to a prayer vigil for life? You’d have to be willing to be punched by one of the Christians, though! I’d love to press assault charges, make for some great media.”

NOTHING that is produced by O’Keefe should ever be given credence until the unedited tape is seen. And then the charges can be filed against him for whatever form of wiretapping and fraud is appropriate.