Discussion: Dem Lawmaker Regrets His Vote For North Carolina Anti-LGBT Law

I didn’t know the bill was loaded!!




Don’t think you can ride both sides of THIS fence Billy…you screwed UP. You thought you could legislate discrimination and it would be ‘cool’ cuz it was just your STATE. Darlin’? You thought wrong. You’ll be eating crow for a long long time.


Well it’s nice that you admit you fucked up and voted for this POS law. But that only exposes you to the valid criticism you either didn’t know what you were voting for, or you are now realizing the political cost of this.

Neither of those reflect well on you.


Richardson was one of 12 Democrats in the state House who voted for the law. The Democratic caucus in the state Senate walked out in protest during that chamber’s vote on the bill.

So your colleagues walking out wasn’t a hint?


Dem Lawmaker: I am a blue dog democrat, almost a republican and I am from the south. I just can’t comprehend most of what I read.


“Since our hasty vote on HB2, I have been haunted by the fact that in one rushed action, I undermined a lifetime of fighting against those who would demonize a group of citizens to gain political advantage and to advance an unjust agenda,” outed myself as the hate mongering asshat that I truly am," he wrote.

There, FIFY.


Backlash sucks,doesn’t it, hon? I imagine your re-election prospects aren’t bright, now.


maybe as bright as he seems to be?


Hit em harder, and where it hurts the most. See what happens when the American people stand up for each others rights!


One can only hope.

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Offender Rehabilitation 101.

An apology is never enough.

To be effective it has to include:

A full description of the magnitude and the scope of the harm done, as well as a reference to the secondary and tertiary targets affected;

An explanation of what motivated the harmful action in the first place, and why that motivation was wrong;

A reference to what measures are being undertaken to ensure you don’t cause harm again;

And finally, a sincere, comprehensive, and effective plan to effect whatever restitution and healing can be accomplished.


The law that you voted for also limits cities from establishing different minimum wage level that differ from the state mandated minimum wage. It also allows anyone to discriminate against anyone that is different than what they believe should be based on their religion. Anti war? Discriminate against veterans. Don’t like blacks because they are decended from Kane, discriminate. Everyone is open season. If you are going to be a Democrat, then grow a spine and a brain.


How fucking stupid does he think we are! STFU with that crap. Who’s discriminating against Christians and just how do you vote for something like that bill but not be with it “heart and soul”? Come the fuck on dude. That bill is causing serious shit in NC…over 1000 solid jobs in the financial sector in the last week. And that’s why this asshole and his Guvnah want to walk it back. Political pain. He never gave a shit about the pain it caused others. But political pain. Well he feels that so it has to go. Fuck this guy!!!


I guess the dude doesn’t communicate with his fellow Democrats in the Senate, apparently THEY knew what was in the bill.


Someone please primary this mouthbreather, and all the other Dems that voted for this engorged hate-on of a derpstorm. I don’t think fundraising will be a problem.


our hasty vote

Hasty and expensive…

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Richardson called on his colleagues in the North Carolina legislature to “repeal this hurtful, overreaching and unnecessary law.”

“When the legislature reconvenes, I will support legislation toward that end,” he wrote. (NC State Rep. Billy Richardson-D)

Thank you, sir, for recognizing your bad mistake. Why not go further than just repealing this hurtful law? Why not also press for legislation to add sexual orientation and gender identity to your state’s non-discrimination law? It really is needed. Again, I’ll give you kudos for recognizing how awful this law is and your intention to repeal it. That said, it’s a very sad day for the Democratic Party when twelve Democrats in your state legislature voted to intentionally discriminate.


The bill might have been pushed through in a matter of 10 hours but the man is a lawyer and the draft of the bill takes 15-20 minutes to read tops. There is no excuse for voting for this bill other than to show to someone you are a major ass.