Discussion: Cruz Criticizes Wife's Firm, Goldman Sachs, Over 'Crony Capitalism'

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With statements like these, Heidi’s “unpaid leave” could turn permanent.


Hey, give the guy credit–he didn’t pull his punch.

Now, whether that’s because he’s brave, insensitive, thoughtless or just a dumbass is another question.

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Maybe Heidi can go to Google.

This is class warfare! Why is Cruz seeking to divide us on greed and envy???


Yer a little late to the garden party, Ted. Can Heidi flip burgers?

It’s none of those. He’s psychotically arrogant and sees himself as a heroic outsider. Absolutely zero self-awareness.


The “Chutzpah” is just STUNNING with this guy.
But, he KNOWS that the fools that support him are too stupid to make any kind of connection between what he SAYS and what he DOES.
I’m sure Goldman Sachs was well aware of what he was going to say and have no problem with it because they KNOW he will be their biggest supporter if he ever becomes President.


Not really.

Cruz and his wife never have to work again. Regardless his future political successes Cruz will reap millions from books, speaking gigs and Fox News show offerings. That and various firms would pay him as a lobbyist, inside man, whatever. This rant is in the same vein as the country music-9/11 trope. His wife has left Goldman so now he’s free to use them as a punching bag to attract support from whomever hates Wall St. Whatever employment sector his wife had left he’d be lambasting if it served his political ends. Sadly the public will eat this up, failing to see (or willfully ignoring) Cruz for the craven, crass opportunist he is.


KITT says get your Canadian Ass off my hood.

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Sadly his dumbass deadender base of haters will eat this up, failing to see (or willfully ignoring) Cruz for the craven, crass opportunist he is. I had to fix it for ya.

OK, Senator Cruz, we also have problems with cronyism. Do you support:

raising taxes on the rich
reducing subsidies to oil companies
reducing subsidies to rich farmers
raising the minimum wage
allowing middle-income workers to receive overtime pay
cracking down on the revolving door syndrome of lobbysists and special interest lackeys getting appointed to government posts
calling out the record of pro-corporate groups such as ALEC in writing legislation that favors special interests

Or are you all talk, just another phony pinstriped punk pretending to stand up to The Man while sucking up to and holding your hand out for campaign contributions from secret slush funds and undisclosed special interests?


Heidi: Um, honey, I’m hoping to get my job back after your little presidential run. You’re not helping.


Man. You really are quite the assh^le-- aren’t you Ted?



This explains why his wife took a leave of absence. For him to set up the stage about being tough on corporate America. He couldn’t have criticized Goldman Sachs if his wife was still there.

I don’t think she has any plans of going back.


So this means Cruz will be introducing legislation to mitigate this crony capitalism?
i didn’t think so.


Sadly his dumbass deadender base of haters (roughly 1/2 the U.S. electorate) will eat this up, failing to see (or willfully ignoring) Cruz for the craven, crass opportunist he is.


Yep. Very brave stance. Wait until your wife quits and then badmouth her former employer.

Yes, I know it’s a ‘leave of absence’. But dollars to donuts she doesn’t go back.

More pandering.
More to come

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