Discussion: 'Constitutional' Sheriff Investigating Oregon Shooting Is Staunch Gun Rights Supporter

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Why do people like this Sheriff think the Second Amendment is a suicide pact? We can honor the second amendment and protect our country with reasonable measures restricting access to the mentally ill.


The Sheriff - “We have laws that prohibit the possession of other things, like methamphetamine, and it doesn’t stop it.”

So, he’s also for legalizing and making meth readily available?


Constitutional Sheriffs believe they are the highest authority in the land. It’s a dangerous group and what Cliven Bundy was relying on his Sheriff to do.


“Again, I want to stay focused on this investigation and the welfare of the community and the welfare of the families and the victims in this horrific incident,” Hanlin responded. "I’m not going to waste the time today, or any time in the real near future, having the firearm debate."

“I’ll just let my guns do my talkin’ for me…”


Guess what, asshole? You’re already part of the debate. You helped to create this belief among a fringe group of gun-owners that Obama is coming to get their guns, and that they can only feel safe when heavily armed. So own it, dude.


The Sheriff is fucked up, I don’t think he should carry a gun. Let him write parking tickets.

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Always the same.

  • Gun Control Wont Work!
    – Then tell us what will work?

Many people are not known to be mentally ill until they do something unpleasant. I’d prefer they don’t have a deadly weapon when they do that thing.


Douglas County voters elected this man, no? Then they deserve what they get–except for the ones that didn’t vote for him. Them I feel sorry for. For those folks, my advice would be, move to another county.


Apparently! That was a pretty stunningly stupid statement.


FYI: John Hanlin is a Republican [what else?] elected in 2009.


The real issue is we decided back in the days of Reagan that we weren’t going to deal with mental illness in this country because it costs to much. All of these shooters exhibited signs of mental illness before doing their first really unpleasant thing. Have you ever tried to get help for somebody who is mentally ill? It is very, very difficult.


I’m sure there’s a not small number of people in Roseburg, OR who really wish Obama had come to take Chris Mercer’s guns away. They might not be experiencing the pure, unmitigated hell that is grieving the loss of a loved one.


And that’s still an understatement.

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But hey, now they can go buy some guns for comfort. MuricA!

Expecting the Pro-Death movement to moderate or even lucidly explain their views on gun control is a fool’s errand.


You got that right. The politicians claim they can’t act because of the rights of the individual, but in reality our society has decided that it just costs too much to take care of the mentally ill.


Sheriff Hanlan, you were more than willing to run your mouth when it came to discussing background checks, but now you are dealing with the fallout from the wrong person having access to guns. I hope you don’t think that having more armed people walking around that campus is a good idea.


Hey, if the argument is simply going to be that these are just unavoidable, inevitable, unpreventable “natural disasters,” then let’s treat them as such. Someone should propose funding a disaster relief fund and other measures that have analogs with respect to what we do for hurricanes, etc. Let the GOP/Teatrolls and their ammosexual gun-fetishist base block that while they simultaneously tell us these atrocities are just something we’re going to have to get used to and live with as inextricably incident to the freedumb that makes us “exceptional”.