Discussion: Conservatives Have Their Own Concerns About A Speaker Paul Ryan

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Surprise!!! Ryan is too alkaline for the crazy hardliners in the GOTP. A person must be sufficiently acidic in his base elements to pass the wingnuts’ all-important litmus test. Ryan has already failed in one or two of the many tests previously judged by these extremists, thereby making him an inadequate leader for the task of Speaker. Its all or nothing, baby…Purity is what counts.

Republicons, all of them, are up to the ears in a chaos of their own making. They are fucking crazy. No ifs, ands, or buts about it…and its not about to change anytime soon.


Well, duh…that’s because Little Pauly’s Pathway to Plutocracy budget proposal would have slowly killed Medicare, Medicaid, SS and the budget. Slowly.


The irony here is about to get really rich. Nobody is going to be “pure” enough for these idiots, so nobody will be elected (and nobody wants the job). That will force Boehner to stay on as Speaker, and he WILL work with Pelosi and pass a debt limit, and, if it goes on long enough, a longer term budget with funding for PP.

The EXACT things they proclaim to be up in arms about.

Like I was saying the other day, it doesn’t matter if the TP splits off into another party or not. They have made the GOP and their wing de facto third parties. They can’t even garner a candidate OR the votes necessary to select a Speaker.

It was reported some time back that GE and Boeing are both withholding campaign contributions to the GOP, specifically because of an inability to pass the Ex-Im Bank bill. More will soon follow as this goes on longer. Why donate money to a group that is unable to advance any of your agenda? Its a business decision at this point.


“Some of my conservative colleagues remember Paul Ryan’s passionate please for the TARP, the Wall Street bailout – he was asking them to vote for it several years ago,”

This denial of reality is what makes the Republican controlled House of Representatives ungovernable. A great majority of conservatives and quite a few liberals think the Wall Street bailout was a mistake.

There are valid arguments for the way it was handled but the fact that something had to be done to prevent another Great Depression are indisputable.


Oh…and as I side note, I just wanted to say I am SO glad that TPM has Ms. Sneed now. My stomach churns at just the thought of what endless Sahil nonsense we would be subjected to instead.


Right Wingers cannot support Ryan because he supported TARP which quite possibly saved the country from a complete financial meltdown.

You can’t get much more bat shit crazy than that.


“Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.”

Vote for most anyone but a Republican in 2016. Please.


Warner Wolf was headed to NY in regards to a better gig. Though the DC station was happy for him, the management had to go looking for a guy to replace him. So they searched high and low, this place and that; until they had their short list.

Might have been three or more candidates. but they soon struck off the the majority on account of expediency.

They soon had two guys, but whether he was the first or second guy, one of the candidates told the management no. Now this is where the legend becomes interesting, but the candidate supposedly said ‘I want to be the guy who replaces the guy who replaced Wolf.’

Eventually he did.

None of the candidates that party wants as speaker are going to want to step into that dumpster fire. Each likely has their reason, but as McCarthy’s ‘seppiku’ proved, but when that mess has settles down then they will come to the rescue.

Right now…no.

Agreed. And the fact that the Bush administration did nothing to whip up support for TARP among republicans on the Hill was reprehensible. Paulson instead went and publicly begged Pelosi to bail his ass out, but made no plea to republicans, instead wanting to give them cover to vote no. Which most of them did.


All the same, I’m going to talk to my financial advisor concerning what little I have accumulated in my retirement account from the shock of yet another GOTP led shutdown, with markets tumbling in anticipation of real uncertainty, and failure to convince enough people they are actually going to raise that debt ceiling. The markets will take a serious blow and a country-wide downgrade of our credit rating around the world. And why not? We’re looking like the laughingstock of the world when it comes to idiot Republicans proving they can’t govern. Once again, initiated by the GOTP, they will try to self-inflict harm on the country out of ideological purity, and wreak havoc on our economy to exact some hostage-taking bullshit. That really should not be underestimated imo. It would be comical if it wasn’t so deadly serious. The fact is…THEY. ARE. FUCKING. CRAZY.


Do like Cantor did, short T-bills. True, you don’t have quite the same ability to get people to go along with shutting down debt payments and blowing up the credit rating to back your bet against the US government you are elected to serve and protect. But hey…not everyone can be the special little snowflake he was.


“Paul Ryan is a Dangerous Pick for Conservatives.” - but since this comes from a shrill small faction… was it really … …“Paul Ryan is a Dangerous Prick” - say four Conservatives.


“Paul Ryan is a Dangerous Pick for Conservatives.”

I’ve said it before that Erick, Son of Erick needs a copyeditor. He left out a letter in the title of his column.

Dammit, JinNJ beat me


Very OT, but why do Republican women and (GASP!) gay men find butt-ugly people like Paul Ryan sexy and attractive? I’m still laughing uproariously at the 2008 Republican field, where heart palpitations were incurred among the horny members of the GOP when Fred Thompson entered the race - you know, the guy who had the face of a bloodhound and a body that could be best described as “bulbous”.
I call them “double-baggers” (and don’t you tell me you don’t know what that means!).

These people won’t be satisfied till they’ve burned this whole country down. I might actually enjoy watching them harm themselves like this if there wasn’t such an obvious harm, and risk of further harm, to the whole nation.


These guys may have to come to terms with the fact that the GOP has become so polluted that the only person likely to be interested in leading it would be a one of the polluters. Paul Ryan’s a lot of things but he isn’t stupid and is not likely to take this position.

please… pleas… please… pleas… Which one is correct?

The cannibalism continues…

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Agreed W Street needed mega dose of cash to survive. But the Quantitative Easings I & II were way out of synch with Main Street ailments and QEs never circulated enough $ into the general economy to affect the demand side needs. Lots of pinstriped suits were purchased but not nearly enough coveralls and blue jeans.