Discussion: Conservative Radio Host Who Threatened To Shoot Hillary Clinton Is Spokesman For Oregon Militia

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Here’s a little backround on a guy isn’t smart enough to know his cap is on backwards!

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I don’t suppose anyone on FOX asked him where the Constitution condones insurrection. Until someones says “hey buddy…just throwing the word Constitution in to a shit storm doesn’t make it a sunny day” and demand he cite the language in the Constitution that supports them and explain why all the language that doesn’t should be qualified…these assholes are going to use the “Constitution” to take away the Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness the Declaration of Independence says we all deserve.


Go ahead and make that threat again. Now that she is a candidate for POTUS the Secret Service would love to talk to people like him.


Wow, they really rolled out their all-star team for this one!


Promoted by FUX News…Quelle Surprise! Alex Jones, FUX’s go-to guy for conspiracies, already says “the Feds’ have ‘infiltrated’ these militia groups, and are doing this to declare martial law.” (~gasp!..and the Rightie FOXbots clutch their pearls.)

Meanwhile politicians like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are trying to distance themselves from these militia types, although they are the same people Cruz and Paul promoted a couple of years ago.
Let’s send this tough guy, Pete Santilli along with Ted Nugent to Yemen and see how tough they are. At least we know they can bluster and sh*t their pants.

I’m still saying “false flag.” It’s like one of those sting operations where the FBI sends out party invitations to a bunch of wanted felons, then arrests them when they show up. This is the perfect set-up - isolated, unimportant location, no hostages, and the “victims” who precipitated the whole thing already in the slammer.

If we’re lucky, there will be a drone strike.


I don’t know…I think several people have verbally threatened Obama when he was a candidate, and also as President. I don’t think any of them got anything more serious than an interview.

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Still not taking his meds I see.

Hmmmm…if the ‘ultimate’ law is the Constitution and the case went all the way to the Supremes and you lost what are you whining about?


If you have Santilli on your RWNJ Fantasy Team, definitely play him this week. Dude is on fire.


What Constitution are they talking about?: the Russian? the Polish? the Syrian? the Cuban? the…

These guys are aware that one of the main reasons we have this Constitution is because the central government under the Articles of Confederation proved itself hapless and impotent in the face of Shay’s Rebellion, right? And that Washington suppressed the Whiskey Rebellion, making the point that we are now a nation of ballots, not bullets, right? I mean, they’re great students of history, right?


We should have a pool when the surrender happens. I say Saturday.

Excerpt from The Guardian story on the pending isolation:

The militia have said they do not want a violent confrontation but made clear they are armed and prepared for the arrival of law enforcement officials. However, it appears that federal authorities were planning to use the power cut, and an attempt to starve the militia of supplies, in order to force them out.

“After they shut off the power, they’ll kill the phone service,” the government official added. “Then they’ll block all the roads so that all those guys have a long, lonely winter to think about what they’ve done.”

Snowstorms are expected in the wilderness surrounding the refuge on Tuesday, which is some 30 miles from the town of Burns. At night, temperatures are forecast to plummet to -8C (18F).


Did he shoot Sec. Clinton? No he did not. He just mouthed that. He’s a “radio host” which means he talks for a living. Talks tough all day…never does anything tough. There are a ton of these guys. Some of them are real Whizzed of Oz types. Pull back the Curtain on Micheal Savage ( real name Michael Weiner ) and you’ll see a nerdy, diminutive geek that never did anything tough in his life. Listen to him and he’s “reaching for my Glock” all the time. Check out any of them…same same.

It’s all crap. I remember when Americans held all talk and no walk cowards in disdain. It was a better time and a better place.


Put me down for Monday Jan. 11th. The batteries on their flashlights will have run out by then and toilet paper will have run out. Plus, cheetos will have gotten kind of boring as a side dish by then. Personally though, I’d rather win the multi-state lottery. Wouldn’t we all?


So, Michael Savage is Micheal Sausage???

I’d rather avoid the collateral damage to the birds. A bird sanctuary without birds is grazing land.


Not to worry. The birds have been tipped off, and they’re all partying two counties over.

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