Discussion: Coast Guard Breaks With Trump, Vows To Protect Transgender Service Members

Obviously not one of “his” Generals.



I suspect the “generals and military experts” he consulted are all named Donald J Trump and served their country in the discos of New York City bravely avoiding STDs.


‘You think Da Nang was bad? You should have seen Studio 54!’ DJT


I would say the current Commander in Chief is getting just about the level of deference and respect he deserves.


Hey Republicans with presidential aspirations: by the time you get elected there will be nothing left of the office but rubble. All of the good will and all of the prestige will have been drained out of it by Trump just like all his business ventures.


Our military is openly defying the President.

Maybe I’m making a bigger deal out of this than I should, but this seems unthinkable. Don’t get me wrong, I believe they’re right in doing it, but Holy God, this seems huge.

Thanks GOP, you built this.


Bravo Zulu to the Commandant of my former service.


I like this guy! Of course, being a boater, I like the Coast Guard, perhaps our least-respected and maybe best military service.


I love the smell of Fuck You Trump early in the morning.


I think he’s talk about the general council, which is just below the special council; both of which mediate with SCOTUS via the Marshal.

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I just hope they have the sense to take away the nuclear codes if he takes us to the brink somewhere.
There is nothing that crazy fuck will do that doesn’t enter the realm of possibility


Actually, they aren’t defying him. He issued a tweet, not a signed directive, Tweets have zero legal weight. If he goes through the proper channels and it becomes an actual order, then we shall see.


2,450 transgender people serving currently and that it would cost about $2.9 to $4.2 million

I’m a little surprised how cheap this is: $1,000 to $2,000 a year, on average. In the scheme of things, my LASIK procedure cost more per eye.

Yeah, I wondered about that. Still, the tweet seemed pretty declarative. It was just unnerving to me that a military branch would say what they did. I just figured it would be a “no comment” thing while they secretively roll their eyes, talk about what a child he is and offer support behind closed doors.


I’m not so sure about that. From Article 90 of the Manual for Courts-Martial–
“As long as the order is understandable, the form of the order is immaterial, as is the method by which it is transmitted…”

I agree and think it is the tip of a Constitutional crisis that Congress needs to step into. Tramp’s fight with Sessions is probably an attempt to stop a 25th Amendment take over. Something has to be done to get this sociopath out of the presidency. Yes, Pence looks good at this point simply because he is not a lunatic.

I think the position being expressed by the head of the Coast Guard is in the long run on the right side of history about tran people serving.

It is severely troubling that parts of the military are openly saying they will defy orders.

Civilian control of the military has always been a basic principle of our national founding. That Trump has so damaged foundational norms like this is bad. Very bad.


Tweets are not orders. To suggest that we would accept them as such is fraught with danger. Nuclear launches based on Twitter’s login security?

Not a legal order.