Discussion: CNN Host Criticizes Fox, Hannity For Allowing Trump To Predict ‘Rigged’ Race

Stelter accused Hannity of “just handing Trump the mic”

Difficult to hold a mic and Drumpf’s cock and balls at the same time.


I suspect that’s something that could be accomplished with only one hand.


When you are losing by 8 pts or so, the race ain’t rigged…


I wonder if this back and forth argument on Twitter will have any effect on Trump supporters? Do they tweet? I’d guess that Stelter is correct in that more Trump supporters watch Fox and listen to Hannity on the radio than twitter.

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This is depressing. We have a real problem now with people mistrusting the most basic institutions in this country when the institution delivers an outcome they don’t prefer. And that’s not going to go away if Clinton wins Nov. 8, be it squeaker or landslide. We need to trust each other on the basics, and more and more there are entities out there yelling that you can’t. No idea how to address that. SMH.


‘I’m not going to answer any of BRIAN’S questions but I will smear and deflect and belittle him because I’m Hannity and he’s not!’ FOX ‘news’ is really charming, isn’t it?


What Faux Noise is allowing is just a continuation of the “does not work” meme…

Do everything to place obstacles in governments path, then when it fails say “see does not work”.

As an example, plan on cutting back big time, like billions, for the VA just as you are entering a war. When Congress balks shrug. But what people don’t realize is that as war begins the demand will increase for services and all you did by balking was maintain status quo rather than increase funding to meet the increased demand. Result the VA failed and we had vets die while awaiting services. Nothing new but the talking heads have another example of failed government.

By the way I am a Vietnam vet who took over 25 years of trying before I got into the VA. First because I had excellent private HC and did not need. Later when I did, the first 3 hospitals had waitlist from 6 to 27 months. The 4th hospital I got in because the 3rd said you are 1 hour away and our wait list is 9 months, however, if you are willing to travel 2 hours there is a VA hospital that can take you next month.

Back on subject, by talking rigged the shits are setting up another round of obstruction and outright defiance. More government does not work coming right up…


Move to Zimbabwe. The situation won’t be any different, but at least you’ll expect it at every election.


Well, keep it in perspective. This is Brian Stetler, who hosts a show ostensibly to hold the media accountable, but in reality spends its time making excuses for CNN’s crappy pretense at actual journalism.

EDIT: One of the (or used to be) cardinal rules of news reporting is to keep the journalist separate from the story. Reporters report the news, they aren’t the news. The entire premise of his show is to make reporters the news. And that is precisely what he is doing here. He took an issue, and turned it into a headline about him and Hannity.

And NOW he wants to make a principled stance against the propaganda machine that is Fox News, because two talk show hosts, neither which even comes close to even pretending to be a news journalist, refuse to do an actual news interview with actual questions and follow up?

I mean, lets be clear here…at least Fox ends contracts with people when they go to work for a campaign. CNN HIRES them.


Don’t you love these little sandbox twit fights between “personalities” in the infotainment industry?


Realize it has always been this way. It used to be worse. Even beloved President Washington had the Whiskey Rebellion. At least now universal media will agree on who the president is, whatever the criticism. And any armed revolt will be stopped within hours.

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If Howard Kurtz was dead, he’d be rolling in his grave in reaction to this act of journalism.

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Who’s the host of CNN’s Crappy Pretense now?

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Article 2 section 1 (second paragraph) and amendment 12 of the Constitution speak about “electors”. So of course the system is rigged, Donald.

[Sorry! Correction: “Hannity Remains Stupid.”]


For what it’s worth, trumpet has 10 million followers on Twitter (HRC has 8.2 M), so if they have fingers they tweet. Today’s he seeking an apology from the media over the baby business.

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Donald J. trump is over 35 years old and he was born in the United States, therefore he as all major party candidates for President throughout our history is minimally qualified to be President.

Other than this minimal qualification Trump does not possess a single additional qualification to be President. This makes him the least qualified candidate for President of any major party in our History.

No one can both love their country and vote for Donald J. Trump for President.


Hannity long ago accepted his position for supporting Hair Furor…and nothing will change. FOX cares only about serving up swill to its hungry mouthbreathers and about ratings’ points not this country.


Mrs darr is a Navy veteran. The last thing she’d turn to for heath care would be the VA. It’s a sore subject for us. Like you point out the blame for delays in treatment should be laid at the feet of Congress. I could go into a 4 hour rant but I think y’all get my point

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