Discussion: Clinton To Sanders: ‘Enough False Innuendos’ About My Campaign

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She’s gone full Karl Rove – accusing her opponent of what she is doing herself.

But it is nice to finally have her on record defending Social Security.


I’m surprised she has time for this.

What with looking into releasing the transcripts of her Wall St. speeches and getting back to us.


Can’t wait to vote and caucus for her in Texas on 3/1. We have a bifurcated primary in Texas. Big $$$ donation this month too.


That comment is pure baloney. What innuendo has she used against him? Point to even one instance–you can’t.

The constant drumming on her speaking fees for WS–and there were given to charity despite what Gail Collins writes in her NYT column today–is intended solely to imply that she was doing their bidding. How? She was NO LONGER in office. What power did she have to “do their bidding”? Give us a single instance in which she did.

Whose bidding was Sanders himself doing when he voted to deregulate derivatives? What donations had come to him? Or was he just using super poor judgment about the massive harm they might eventually do–and did?


Bernie Sanders needs to stop. He’s not the “nice ol’ non-political man” his campaign tries to make him out to be. He can’t win the general as a socialist either.


It does appear that Sanders´ campaign is forcing her to shore up her lefty bona fides. But ¨Full Karl Rove¨ might be a slight exaggeration. :wink:

I´m more interested in the fact that she said during the townhall that she´d ¨look into¨ releasing the transcripts from her speeches to Goldman Sachs, but now her campaign says ¨the voters aren´t interested¨ in what she might have said to them. I mean, I´d like to know that HRC what says to Wall Street is the same thing that she´d say to the American people, so at least some voters are interested. Is that too much to ask in the way of transparency?


No, I guess the charge that Bernie would take away people´s healthcare isn´t innuendo at all - it´s just a lie.


Her plan to defend social security is in her platform. It’s been in her platform since before Bernie Sanders announced he was running for president.


Hillary Clinton’s attacks on Bernie Sanders’ health care proposals have been to say that because he’d like to propose something better, all he really wants to do is repeal Obamacare, Medicare, and so on – call it innuendo, call it an outright and shameless lie. So now Bernie implies she won’t defend Social Security and she’s outraged!

Frankly, with her strong connections to Wall Street, it is very believable that Clinton would cut or privatize Social Security. Maybe that’s what Wall Street really bought with those enormous speaking fees.


Seriously, we “finally have her on record defending Social Security”?

She’s said at least since her first run for the Presidency in 2007 that she opposes cuts and privatization. She just wasn’t on the record until the fall in supporting expanding it.

I am very distressed by the Clinton hate on the left, which sounds in tone identical to the Clinton hate on the right.


Unless people believe Clinton made a pact simultaneously with the devil and Goldman Sachs to sell her soul to them for a chance to run for president and in return she’d sell out the American public and do what she could to destroy the economy, this discussion should stop. I remind you it was Chuck Todd who brought it up at the debate, the same Chuck Todd that people here despise for reasons you make apparent each time his name comes up.

@condew So you do believe the devil made her do it.

She’s still standing and in fact soaring in the face of Rs having thrown stuff at her since she came on the public scene. She is steel and is tough, and they are grasping lightweights. And it’s politics ain’t beanbag if I’m not mistaken.


Good for her! I was offended by the way his campaign bragged he’d never cut SS, with its very definite implication that she just might do so 'cause she hadn’t explicitly said otherwise.

I’ve always taken it as a given that neither would (at least during the campaign) announce anything that even remotely resembled a SS cut. (If elected, who knows: Obama as part of the abortive “grand bargain” with the GOP offered to go to Chained CPI, which would have been a cut.)


What’s good for the goose is apparently not good for the gander. To quote some around here, politics isn’t softball, she needs to toughen up. This is nothing compared to what the Republicans will throw at her :wink:


Where have you been living the past 20 years?


yeah… that is truly some bullshit. so, i guess we’re to believe that she transcribes these speeches herself; and you know, with all that campaigning and stuff, she just hasn’t had time…

and, this latest ‘false innuendo’ bullshit… since, sanders has forced her to modify other former positions, all he’s doing is getting her on record that she won’t work to undercut social security. she should be eager to do that; instead of ‘smearing’ her…

and that one … i hadn’t realized that stating a fact was a ‘smear’… not to mention the spin she’s now tacked on.


What HRC is saying is that if you open it up you run the risk of the Repubs screwing up what we have without getting what you want. She’s not saying Sanders will do this. On the other hand Sanders goes on about pols taking campaign donations and speaking fees as a quid pro quo never allowing for any exceptions. It’s kind of that old tactic of escaping blame by the use of “some say” which lets you put it out there while claiming to be simon pure.


It appears his comment had the desired effect. I’m already seeing comments on FB and other places that Hillary wants to cut social security.

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I do prefer Bernie’s Medicare/Medicaid for all, and letting private insurance supplement over ObamaCare, but I disagree with your characterization of Clinton’s position on Bernie’s plan.

Read your link. The Clinton campaign didn’t say Bernie wanted to take away people’s healthcare, just that Clinton believes his plan would result in it happening because it would give GOP governor’s too many opportunities to remove current protections.

I don’t know that I agree with that, but I could see it happening.


I so wish she had come back with a tweet that said, “I hope Bernie Sanders will join me in saying loudly and clearly that he will support sensible gun control, unlike his past votes indicate.”