Discussion: Clinton Team To Comey: Tell the Country What You Know

Republican Party to Comey:
Thank you for the assist.
Sure it was politically-motivated and totally irresponsible … but we desperately needed it.


Comey’s announcement, stated the way it was worded, could not have been better designed to foster ambiguity.

In light of that, in light of the fact that Comey is a Republican and in light of the protocols which were breached with the announcement, any doubt about the necessity for all Democrats and Democratic-leaning Independents to vote as though they are saving the nations system of government should have been removed by this time.


Trump U investigations were pushed to after the elections to avoid the appearance of conflict. Talk about rigged.


This whole thing is exactly what it appears to be. 11 days before an election, it’s a flagrant attempt to sabotage the election for Clinton.
Democrats, progressives, liberals and any left leaning and even real republicans who still care for the country, should turn out even more for Clinton because of this. Comey is a disgrace and a political puppet and this was obviously planned weeks ago.


“As far as we know now, Director Comey knows nothing about the content of these emails. We don’t know whether they’re to or from Hillary at all,” said Kaine, who called Comey’s announcement “extremely puzzling.” The Virginia senator said if Comey "hasn’t seen the emails, I mean they need to make that completely plain.

Soon after the Clinton team’s response asking the FBI to release all info regarding the new email, I started to wonder if they were boxing Comey in so that he would eventually have to admit to informing congress that he had new information that he didn’t actually have.


Trump visited a nondenominational church in Las Vegas, where he swayed and clapped along to the music.

I’ll take her shimmy over his sway any day of the week.


"Goodlatte said he also asked Comey about the status of the request from
the House Republicans on the referral “of potential impeachment — I’m
sorry — potential perjury charges to be brought with regard to Ms.
Clinton and he deferred to the Justice Department itself. He did not
answer that question as well.”’

Something is going on here. I don’t have any proof but I can smell it.


I’m not sure what the options are, but it’s hard to believe that Mr Comey has much of a comfortable future in a Clinton administration.


Director Comey knows nothing about the content of these emails.

Of course he doesn’t. As was pointed out elsewhere the FBI doesn’t even have a warrant to read these emails.

I suspect they will be able to secure one right around a week from Wednesday. Then they will announce that they don’t contain anything and/or they are duplicates.

Comey has to go. Preferably well before Jan. 20th.


James Comey should release all the information on the topic. It appears that he does not have a warrant to open Huma Abedin’s emails.

The FBI internal emails should be released immediately. I would be very curious about Comey’s communications between Paul Ryan, Steve Bannon, Mitch McConnell and the Koch Brothers.

James Comey should also should be asked to update Congress on the FBI investigations of the accusations that Donald Trump and his friend Jeffrey Epstein gang-raped a 13-year old girl.


Also, this now creates a new situation where, if and when Hillary wins, Trumps base will be even more inflamed because they think that this was the game changer against Clinton. I’m sure there are Trump supporters who think Hilary is toast now. This will be more evidence to them that the election was rigged.


He can’t because either he doesn’t know anything or what he knows isn’t anything good against Clinton.


The author neglected to inform us that there is also no warrant. None has been issued. Comey had no idea what was in any of Abedin’s documents unless he defied the law. If he did, that’s worse.

On the troll-watching front, I notice a real desperation setting in as the story has now become a tale of Coney and FBI ineptitude and sloppy, careless, possibly, illegal investigation practices.

The mostly stereotypic responses, based on Krugman’s, Ornstein’s, and Eichenwald’s twitter feeds are largely of three broad classes:

A. We don’t give a snit about due process because we think Hillary deserves it. We don’t know why, but we think she’s naughty and should go to jail
B. Hillary is corrupt, needs to be burned at the stake and Comey is a patriot because she has too many email accounts, Bill got blow jobs, talked to Loretta Lynch on a plane and they both gave speeches.
C. Hillary is finished. We can’t say why, but it feels good just to write that.

An outlier, but a creative one.

D. Coney did the right thing because Hillary is anti-Semitic and anyone who supports her is anti-Semitic because the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Ladies and Gentleman, I think we’re going to win bigly.


It stuns me that the Clinton’s first response was to demand more information and to release the e-mails, and no one in the media has remarked on how exculpatory that is.

Not one pundit or columnist or talking head has said, “Keeping these e-mails secret helps Trump, and if Hillary is demanding their release there’s probably nothing there and transparency helps her.”


Not convinced it’s about Clinton. IMHO likely more about damage control for down ballot races. If about Clinton then IMHO it’s about dampening a wave election.


does it smell like republicon bullshit…vcause I smell it too


Goodlatte’s reaction is the exact reason for DOJ/FBI protocol around elections. And by around, I mean that voting is well underway.

I’m more pessimistic about the next four years than ever before.


See my post to ralph_vonholst below…

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The president can fire the FBI director at any time, but I’m sure he’ll have a comfy future on the wingnut welfare circuit.