Discussion: Clinton Hits Sanders On Gun Control: You've 'Voted With The NRA'

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She is right. Gun violence is a huge issue with Americans, Sanders achilles heel.

Sanders is not a Democrat, to him the party is just a covenient arganization to use in an election, there is no loyality built up over years of working in the organization.


Clinton definitely should have pushed for more debates. She’s a far better proponent of herself than the nitwit surrogates that are out there.


The only part of this I have a quibble with is Bernie supported guns in the National Parks. Um, this means he wanted the government shutdown to end…so by this measure Obama also supports the NRA.


TPM is doing it again. Clinton is giving her usual glib responses. Sanders is getting the incisive zingers, and yet Hillary is getting all of the headlines. TPM is very much like the DNC.


Proving once again that everyone hears what they want to hear. Sanders keeps repeating his rally applause lines. Clinton is talking about actual policy.


And during times when more Americans who are not political junkys would have watched.


Oh please. That is so not true.


Sanders repeated his vague generalities and avoided answering any direction specific points through out the night. Pretty much like he always does, while trying to bluster and brow beat for more time to say the same thing all over again.

Sanders doesn’t debate as much as he tries to give his stump speech in incremental bits as time is provided. And when its not provided, he tries to give it anyway.


“TPM is very much like the DNC”.

Welcome to Neolib Central. Just noticing?

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I’ve always liked TPM, but they do accept advertising from big pharma and big energy, like Clinton, so you do have to do the math.

Clinton needs to convince people she can be trusted to regulate the big banks,and Wall Street. That’s why she is trouble. She still has not done that,and hitting Bernie on guns is not going to do it for her either.


Compare either to the Republicans, especially in the debate format, and I don’t know how, even the folks that are rich and will get a few direct benefits from the republican party, can want them in office running everything else into the ground.

My wife and I had a pleasant evening with my three brothers and their wives yesterday. Eight boomers in our 60s. All sorts of political points of view from all parts of the country. Strong feelings about guns in all directions. The concern that emerged was the future of our children and grandchildren. Talk about gun control avoids the central issue. If you are someone in bed with the establishment elites you gotta love the gun control distraction. Bernie and Trump are talking with the America people and hearing their concern for the future. The rest aren’t. While Trump gets the concern, Bernie goes a step further and articulates solutions.


Someone should tap Sec. Clinton on the shoulder and tell her to stop using the term NRA. It’s not an enemy. The NRA has many, most polls show a majority, of its members agreeing with reasonable gun control. They see no problem with background checks or closing loopholes used by criminal to acquire weapons. Given that I wouldn’t lump those folks into alignment with its radical minority and turn their organization’s name into a pejorative offending all its members including it’s reasonable majority. Uncontrolled gun sales is the issue. Not guns already owned or gun enthusiast organizations. Hunters, gun collectors, skeet shooters and folks that have a weapon for home security are NOT the Democrats enemies. In fact most are in favor of control. So stop collecting gun owners up with irresponsible politicians and criminals. That’s a loser.

The Democratic position on guns is a national winner if people know what it actually is sans the GOP’er pollution. Keep it simple stupid. No Democrat want’s to take a lawfully owned gun away. None have ever said they did or proposed legislation that would. Say that for crying out load! “guns don’t kill people people do”…damn right and we ant to make sure the folks that would use a gun to kill never get their hands on one. That’s fucking it. Leave the damn NRA out of it.

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I absolutely would lump them in with the enemy. The NRA actively and publicly advocates against common sense initiatives, like trigger locks, with money all of those members pay in dues. I can say I’m against racism all day long and that I support equality, but if I’m a dues paying member of the KKK, then it’s on me.

The NRA sought to drive Smith & Wesson out of business at one point because they were going to issue trigger locks with all their weapons. Seriously. You lay with the dogs, you can’t complain when you get fleas.


TPM is in no way an advocate for Clinton over Sanders. Last night was the first time I saw a comment by Josh showing he listened to Clinton and saw her knowledge, command of the issues offering realistic, practical solutions.

Sanders has always been idealistic (nothing wrong with that) but as a long time Senator when does he learn to push a nuanced practical solution with a chance of being passed?

To me, neither candidate is perfect and we can all find reasons to support or oppose either one. As a voter we oughta take the time to make the best choice we can, sans emotions.

Listen…everyone knows all that. That was not my point. The NRA has about 3 million members and most ( 80 % or so ) agree with reasonable gun measures. They are not your enemy ( actually no one is…that’s a vicious political sentiment usually found on the reactionary right ) so collectively insulting them along with the loonies in the organization is stupid.

You don’t have an “enemy” in a responsible gun owner no matter how liberal you are. That’s lefty hysteria if you think like that. You have a “problem” with people that interpret the Second Amendment so broadly they make a ridiculous thing out of it. Folks like Wayne Lapierre. There are millions of responsible members of the NRA. You rag on it in general you rag on them too and lose them. You need them.


Well thank you. “idealistic”…that’s the meme…it was for Gandhi and Mother Teressa too. Those that shoot for the best are “idealistic” and after given that adjective you are free to dismiss them.

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“NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.” Thank you for your heartfelt condescension.

I get it. Democrats are settlers. We have to settle for the candidate our betters on Wall Street anoint.

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