Discussion: Clinton Goes After Alabama GOPers For ‘Discriminatory’ DMV Closures

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I think we should have Taxpayer ID - when you go to pay taxes of any kind, you need to provide ID. And whatever the ID requirements are to pay taxes, that’s what the voter ID requirements are as well. If I can pay my taxes with a copy of my utility bill, I can vote with a copy of my utility bill. If I need a picture of my grandmother, dressed in red, during a lunar eclipse to vote, then I am not allowed to pay my taxes until I come up with that exact same form of ID. I’m sure that Republicans will agree with a common sense, Tea Party endorsed solution like that one (no taxation without representation means the same requirements for taxation and representation, right?).


I have really appreciated Clinton’s relentless approach to courting people of color this cycle. Some will claim this has something to do with Sanders, even though she’s been actively pursuing the minority vote since before she formally announced.

I love that she understands that the key to a successful run for a Dem is to get minority voters to the polls, to engage on our unique issues and keep us engaged.

She also appears to grasp that her path to victory requires respecting President Obama and his many accomplishments. She seems to have a learned a great deal from her mistakes in 2008. I hope she stays on this path.


The south will never change.


Good for Hillary for saying this.

Somehow, the sound of crickets has kept me from hearing Bernie’s equally stinging indictment of this voter suppression tactic.


I was right there with you until…



Why does Hillary want to block one of the many ways Governor Bentley wants to show his minority constituents how much he cares for them and wants them to engage civically? Governor Bentley was pursuing a two-fer… remove intrusive government from minority communities and balance the state budget in the process. Next, he plans on eliminating funding for upgrading those carbon sinks called paved roads that only encourage pollution in minority communities.


Not everybody has to pay real estate or personal property taxes, so your plan would omit the poorest people and students and renters – the same people generally excluded by all the GOP schemes.


Good for her, going to Alabama! It’s a hopelessly red state, of course – but it’s great for morale there, and encouraging for all of us elsewhere who give a damn about people in Alabama and other red states.


Good for her. I know people play rough when they’re vying for real-world power, and the GOP in particular is not overly fussy about its tactics. But it’s one thing to do funky stuff to get people to vote for you. It’s very much another to try to suppress the votes on the other side. Jim Crow is no exaggeration—these people are trying to wipe out 50 years of progress and it’s not just in the south they’re trying to do it. It’s a despicable thing to do, it strikes at the core of what this country is supposed to be about, and if it were in my power I’d have people that did it stripped of their citizenship and deported because they don’t deserve to call themselves Americans. They’ll call themselves “patriots” and “Constitutional conservatives” but they’re the polar opposite of that. They’re gangsters.


Everyone has to file.

The ONLY way gop/bags can win is by not letting dems or dem leaning indy’s to vote. That is their plan.

They sure can’t win non-hateful voters over by the hate speak.

filing anything beyond the EZ1040 is becoming a more occult task as GOPer’s lean tax code processes towards things large tax preparers like H&R Block & TurboTax want as this means people will never really be able to file anything without paying for someone’s software

Possibly, but that has little to do with providing the same ID for filing taxes and voting. I think it is a solid idea.


I would really like to see standards implemented for federal elections. A national holiday, automatic registration at age 18, etc. Across the board standards with which every state must comply would make all of this so much simpler. To encourage states to implement these changes at the state level for state and local elections, they could be offered some sort of assistance with the monetary costs of doing so. Until it’s taken off the table and taken over by the federal government or governed by federal standards, this kind of stuff is just going to keep on happening.


I thought if you made under a certain amount you didn’t have to file? If that’s wrong then that’s actually a great idea.

Voter registration is at the local level, so that exclude federal income taxes and state income taxes. Not everyone has to pay local real estate or personal property taxes, which are almost always levied at the local level.

If you’re suggesting voter registration at the federal (1040) level, that’s a big legal change in America. Also big at the state level (and very confusing, given that in any given year quite a number of people end up paying income taxes to multiple states).

Well, “those people” with zero income do have to file if they want their “free stuff”, doncha know. Not that I am on public assistance, but two adults I let live here for a year were in that group. I think if you get $400 for any reason, you have to file, including from welfare, I could be wrong.

If it isn’t required, it easily can be. Might be a good way to see just how many are living under the poverty lines


It’s just a standard for identification, why must liberals always complicate things? Think: making it easier to vote, more difficult to fudge taxes. Your ID goes with you from state to state, so do your tax returns, although the package of the ID says a state name, they are fairly standard. It’s the principle of the matter, like being old enough to go to war. If you are old enough to die for your country, of course you are old enough to vote. I guess that was a BIG LEGAL CHANGE, too.

Seems to have worked out pretty well.


At least geographically, demographically it will be like unthawing an ice age.