Discussion: Cleveland: A Fractured City And Apt Place For GOP Convention

We recently had the parade for the championship Cavaliers that drew an estimated 1 million participants. The parade was late in starting and took longer than planned. People were out in the sun (upper 70’s/low 80’s) for hours. And there was only 1 incident as people were starting to go home when some guy shot at his girlfriend. Otherwise it was entirely peaceful.

It is a troubled place but there are hopefully enough people who care to deal with it.


Just read Josh’s blog on Michael Folk. THAT guy needs a visit from the Secret Service if not an arrest for issuing threats on Candidate Clinton.


I’m not worried about the residents of Cleveland. Quite the contrary! I’m worried for the residents. Anybody with the means to do so should take a week’s vacation and go hang out at their brother-in-law’s in Cincy!


…jobs, jobs, jobs…
John Boehner, 2012

And still we wait for the Republican Congress to come back from vacation.


I was somewhat upset that that wasn’t the lead story with the ability to comment.
A RWNJ pol promotes the murder of a soon-to-be nominated candidate for POTUS-- for use of an email server-- and it will not even get MSM exposure.

That’s pretty effed up.

I did find this piece to be a bit comforting.
This jackass-- WV State Rep Michael Folk-- is also a commercial pilot-- for United Airlines.
And United is investigating. If he doesn’t lose his job over this-- I’m not sure there is any reason to book United ever again.

‘Fly the Nutjob Skies-- of United’?

Isn’t really all that inviting.



Just because others are trying to normalize the cray-cray doesn’t mean Josh has to.


(っ^▿^)۶:cocktail::star2::beer:٩(˘◡˘ ) Cleveland Welcomes The Republicans (っ^▿^)۶:cocktail::star2::beer:٩(˘◡˘ )

#“Hell is empty and all the devils are here!”

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Trump!



I am cautiously optimistic about the convention’s effect on Cleveland.
The national attention will draw awareness to the Nation’s industrial decline and perhaps draw action from the new Congress in 2017.


Cleveland might do well using the Pittsburgh model. The Burgh is doing well for an ex-heavy industry town. Tech/universities/health innovation/keeping the young brains around is the top layer of a plan to rebuild.

By the way… GO PENS!


He wants her “executed” for email server?? Which wasn’t against the rules at the time and certainly not a crime!

Fuc’ing repukes are repugnant!


Not only those reasons but that the State Dept email server array had been compromised. It was publicly acknowledged that State had been hacked.


The WV Gazette piece to which Josh links also has a reasonably comforting comments section, based on the first couple of screens I scrolled through.


Me too!

And why can’t we comment on the editors articles? Seems hypocritical to me.

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Since they’ve withdrawn their plea for $6 mil from Sheldon Adelson, I wonder if the RNC will pass the plate at the convention and ask for “love offerings”? Well, it works really well when the Fundies and Tealibangelical preachers fleece their flocks and they are the ‘base’ (and it looks like they wrote the party platform) of the GOP.



But Hillary’s wasn’t (even though the repukes want us to think otherwise). Powell used gmail for crying out loud. Please tell me why that’s okay with the repukes? Oh, silly me…he’s a gop.

Hey, get it from trumpet. I hear he’s a billionaire…

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Well, at least Jeebus’ is keeping an eye on em’!

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Though this is just the WV Charleston Gazette.

If a threat falls in the Charleston woods-- does the nation hear it?

That’s where my EDIT/link gave some comfort-- that it was disseminated on an MSM outlet-- albeit CNN.

But back to the fact that this is on the Editor’s Blog is annoying.
I’m familiar with Josh’s perspective on it being his one-way outlet for opinion-- to not tie him up with public responses, nor lose his email trove of private opinions.

But, like, he couldn’t be bothered to connect with one of the staff writers yesterday evening-- to post the story under a commentable byline?

That’s lazy.
A disservice to readers. And loss of click revenue for TPM.
A lose-lose.


I can’t believe the Republicans went with that weird “Elephant Readies to Hump Half a Guitar” (homage to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?) logo for the convention. Here’s the cool’ and true logo…and they missed it!


Most unintentional funny line offered so far: Wolf Blitzer: “Among the big names at the convention are Antonio Sabato, Jr…”

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