Discussion: Christie Reacts To Cruz RNC Disaster: It Was An 'Awful, Selfish Speech'

"I don’t understand how someone can present themselves as a person of integrity and then come into this room tonight and give that cute speech,” Christie said.

Quoth the nation’s top man-whore, with a total lack of self-awareness.


Just goes to show that Christie has no conscience nor integrity.


Christie refuses to go back to Jersey. Won’t do it. He’d rather offer himself up as Rump’s literal and actual sex slave than to go back to the state where he’s currently governor.

He probably won’t be able to find work after 2017 in the private sector. What a hot, fat mess he is.


What’s with this stomach staple embedded in the Sheetrock?


“It was an awful, selfish speech”------Just like the one Christie himself gave at the 2012 Convention. Self involved thy name is Chris Christie.


Says the guy who spent the previous night forming, and leading, a proto-lynch mob against the next President of the United States.


All this is Christie is believing that if trumps wins he will give him a position in his cabinet just like he named him his choice for vp.


of course teddy did it for selfish reason, don’t all politicians, just like how Christie and Gingrich have become donalds personal ass kissers


What I don’t quite understand is did Cruz not anticipate the crowd reaction? Why else would he leave his wife out there on the floor…with Trump supporters. He had to know that scene was going to get ugly.


In solidarity with our brothers in the American Association of Man-Whores, I feel I must protest the way you are denigrating the character of good, hard-working American gigolos by associating them with Chris Christie, a corrupt, mean-spirited cretin.


Trump, with his speech encouraging anger and physical violence among the people who think he is the answer to all their problems, has released the kraken. This is going to be an ugly, ugly political season. After the hate-filled speeches by well-known politicians calling for Hillary to be thrown in prison, with various unhinged pols talking about hanging her in the Washington Mall, I fear for her safety. What a fine spectacle we are presenting to the world.


Christie is SO dead politically he will grasp at any chance he can see - and the only one is Trump’s coattails…

Sad, I sort of liked Christie before, but he is beyond hope now…

All true. We have only two major parties and one of them is undergoing a psychotic break. I can remember the tension in my parents during the Cuban Missile Crisis in '62, and I’m actually feeling some of that same tension today.


I am not a fan of Cruz in the least but that was a fairly positive speech, especially in light of all the BS that came in the three days prior. I respect that he told people to vote their conscience, to defend the Constitution. And I don’t believe Drumpf has either a conscience or respect for the Constitution.


Exactly! He was a odious blob then… and remains so now.

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But the sheeple in the hall can’t handle that sort of critical thinking.

An ‘awful, selfish speech’ that Krispie Kreme wished he had the Dunkin Munchkins to have made himself…

“He spoiled the magic of the moment completely…”

It’s understandable a room full of Republicans would be upset at the suggestion they consider their conscience as a primary factor in making a decision. Their better angels are nothing but bitches, whores and evil, lying temptresses. They’ll tell you as much.

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