Discussion: Chris Christie's Little Bro Fires Back At Cowboys Criticism: 'GET A LIFE!'

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I agree with Christie’s brother. Anyone who goes to social media to hurl insults is a fat loser.


Well if the best one’s bro can do is a string of 1970’s platitudes he ought to tell the fool to shut up. But if Christie wants anything close to a fighting chance in 2016 he NEEDS to tell the fool to shut up. You’d think the Cowboy’s thing would be kept on the hush. He can meet the owner privately and tell his brother not to put his out of state loyalties on a billboard. That’s ‘presidential’.

Other than to serve as a max calibration standard for a stupid meter I cannot see what bro thought he was doing.


Actually, no, I have no interest in sitting next to the owner of my football team. Why sit with a rich, out-of-touch old man? I think most fans would jump at the chance of sitting with a team’s players. But the owners? Really?


I don’t particularly care who Christie roots for in the playoffs, but I did find that “dancing man sandwich” after the winning touchdown a tad revolting.


You know, that footage is really, really bad for Christie. Not because the Governor of NJ is a Cowboys fan. There are Cowboys fans all over, including throughout New Jersey. No, it’s because…

a hug the governor shared with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (after failing to complete a high-five)

… completely mischaracterizes what you see there. Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey and potential candidate for President of the Unites States, glomming onto someone else’s celebratory hug after being dissed on the high-five. And the guy he’s hugging, Jerry Jones, clearly doesn’t give a rat’s ass about celebrating with him. This guy wants to be in charge - of a State, of the Country, either way, he wants to be in power over other human beings. And here he is acting like a kid who doesn’t have a lot of friends, and is desperately seeking the popular kid’s approval. The popular kid, of course, is ignoring him, and all anyone else will see is ‘yup, he’s a loser’.

These optics are terrible for Christie.


It’s a Republican thing - you wouldn’t understand. :wink:


Christie’s brother is right. If the Governor wants to don a Great Pumpkin costume and kiss Jerry Jones’s wealthy ass, that’s his business.


I have a friend who’s fascinated with rich people. If she goes to a party and there’s a really rich person there she tells me about it like it was an exciting event just being in the same room with this person. I’d tell you her political leanings but I think you already know.


Sit with the players? Nah. They don’t need me getting in the way. I would like to talk with at least one of them though. Have a nice, civil sit-down w/Geno Smith and remind him that Sanchez is doing pretty damned well now that he’s got a Head Coach who actually gives a damn about developing Quarterback talent, and isn’t a one-dimensional blowhard who ignores everything that isn’t defense.

Honestly, for years now, we’ve had an offensive line that can (and has) been characterized as ‘Pro-Bowl Center Nick Mangold… and a bunch of limp noodles’. Joe Montana couldn’t keep a team like that winning. So glad Rex is gone.


I threw up in my mouth a little at the sight of Christie humping Jerry Jones.


Also, just to pick a minor nit w/the headline… it’s Philly’s team he called ‘sorry-ass’. Didn’t say a word about the Jets. (I mean, really, what’re you going to tell us? The Jets suck? We watch them every week. Loyalty is not something you school Jets fans about.)

99.9% of Cowboy fans live in TX. The set of the world hates the boys. Dog knows a repuke needs every advantage to take TX.

Of course they left him hanging on that high-five. They didn’t want to get messy with the grease from the chicken wings and the frosting from the Krispy Kremes that were undoubtedly on his hands.

Nah. You’re gonna get a fair chunk in Oklahoma, too, just like Eastern Texas filters in a lot of Saints fans. But the Cowboys have that bullshit ‘America’s Team’ marketing line, and they’ve been building a national following for 40+ years.

Everyone else does hate them, though. They’re the New York Yankees of the NFL*.

    • edited because ‘football’ could be soccer.

Opulenti-philia (help me out here, Latin fans) accounts for 90% of Republican voters, I’d guess

Plutophilia? (love of plutocrats?)

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I’d call it lucrumphilia. Actually I googled that to see if it wasn’t a real word and the Google machine asked me if I meant “necrophilia.” True story.

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cornucophilia? cornucopiaphilia?

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There are things you wish you could unsee. THAT IS ONE OF THEM!