Discussion: Chicago Police Deny Advising Trump to Cancel Event

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This entire event was a Trump hoax. He was under increasing scrutiny for violence at his rallies including the assault by Corey Lewandowski on a Breitbart reporter. HIs solution? In St. Louis today he praised violence more than ever; then he went to Chicago where his event was scheduled at a University arena (guaranteed protester presence). He waits until protesters makes noise, has spokesman come out and announce the event is canceled. Goons among his crowd attack the protesters, providing video that both CNN and MSNBC show in a loop. Then he immediately went on air on BOTH of those networks, lying and saying that police urged him to cancel due to some sort of danger from protesters on scene. Then he blames the violence that began when he cancelled the event, on the protesters who were the victims.
I bet Corey Lewandowski got a bonus tonight.


Gosh, who could have predicted that constantly saying blatantly racist, sexist, xenophobic, hateful things would lead to protests?

That scapegoating, bullying, name-calling, and general sneering and threatening aren’t as popular among the general public as they are among the rabid Trump acolytes?

And then on top of that, who would have thought that being abusive to protesters would draw even more protesters?

Surprise, surprise.


Donald Trump on his supporters (CNN debate, 3/10/16):

“I will tell you there’s something going on that maybe you don’t know about, maybe a lot of other people don’t know about, but there’s tremendous hatred.
We have a serious, serious problem of hate. There is tremendous hate. There is tremendous hate. We have large portions of a group of people… large portions want to use very, very harsh means.”

Donald Trump on Islam (same debate):

“They love this country.
There is some anger. There’s also great love for the country. It’s a beautiful thing in many respects.”

Oh wait… did I get that backwards?


Nope, he did. As you very cleverly illustrated. Bravo!


More drama from our GOP reality TV star. Does any sane person believe in this clown?


And yet Trump will still go around telling people how tough he is.

If he thinks this is scary imagine his response to a G8 protest.


OMG! Donald said something that isn’t true! Hold the presses!!!


So Trump says he wants to punch a protester in the face, that they get what they deserve, and refuses to disavow a supporter who suggests killing a protester “next time.”

Now he shrinks away from the tumult he has fostered and, as usual, acts like an innocent bystander.

Imagine this gutter cunt as President. “Iran deserved those nukes I just sent their way. The missiles are flying.”


“But Chicago has great buildings. My building. I love it.”

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The scariest thing about the Trump campaign, in its entirety, is the eerie resemblance to Hitler’s campaign back in the early 30’s. An occasional pundit will refer to that, then back way away from it. But, Trump has acknowledged admiring Hitler’s campaign, so I see no doubt possible that the is trying to follow in Hitler’s footprints. Most people today have no idea what Hitler was like. Trump may well try to carry through with the rest of Hitler’s rise to absolute power. And, I don’t see any reason to believe he would fail if he does.


Sure was a untimely meltdown by TPM, wasn’t it.


But, does that really help him? At this point, he needs less disruptions vs more. He’s leading… he needs to cruise for just a few more days… He doesn’t need this.


Trump has been treating his bid for the presidency like an episode from his cancelled, non-reality show. He thinks that this is some kind of a Hollywood production to garner ratings and boost his fragile ego. Everything he’s said and done are calculated moves to render shock value; he wants to be another Howard Stern. He doesn’t realize that no one is really shocked by his antics. Like a spoiled brat, he’s very predictable. He knows that there will be consequences for his actions and he thoroughly enjoys watching the fallout. Sooner or later someone will be seriously injured or killed, and he will simply slink away whining about such unfortunate, unintended circumstances. This man has been alive for over 6 decades, and he still hasn’t managed to grow up. I seriously doubt that he ever will.


Unfortunately, yes.


It lets him control the narrative for the time being, for one. And it gets him lots of video to search through for a 5-second vine clip depicting protesters as violent thugs. He can’t fight back against the complaints of inciting violence by condoning violence, but he can stir up a narrative that justifies his supporters’ violent tendencies.


Need it - probably not but the fact that he didn’t think this would eventually happen is amazing in itself. He’s a psychopath and a con artist and he has conned 40% of the republican party and whoever else is following him because they like that he says and does what they do and feel. He ginned up the anger to the point that this is the result. This will end very badly for him and the republican party. And to those Bernie fans who are refusing to vote for a plutocracy better wake the fuck up and stop being so fucking stupid. I heard that Bernie supporters went on Elizabeth Warren’s facebook page calling her a traitor because she hasn’t enorsed Bernie. Now how insane is this behavior.


At least 47% of the electorate worships any fart that comes out of Trump’s ass!


So I don’t know how this is all going to play out – but it sure doesn’t help Trump with his alpha male thingy.

Basically, these protesters told Trump and his minions to Get The Fuck Outta Here, and Trump tucked tail twixt legs and skedaddled.

I saw and read several interviews with Trump supporters who were described as “disappointed” and “despondent.” One said he was disappointed in Trump because “he let the protesters win.” That’s not really Trump’s brand. His brand is “I’m the tough guy and I’m winning, and if you’re on my team you’re tough and you’re winning too.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he cancelled. For all I know there’s at least enough of a human somewhere inside that shell of coiffure and vitriol and make-up and glitz and bombast, that somewhere some long-disused decency circuit kicked in and said “no, a lot of people are seriously going to get hurt, and it’s going to look bad if I cancel, but it’s the only responsible choice.” But I suspect that inner dialogue was more along the lines of “it’ll look worse if there’s a riot and I’m there on the stage than if there’s a riot when I cancel, so I’ll cancel.”


Delicious. Trump can’t call the cops liars, or he’s suddenly in bed with Black Lives Matter.

If it’s like this in primary season, what the hell is gonna happen in the general?