Discussion: Carlson Apologizes For Calling Guest 'F*cking Annoying' But Says It Was 'Heartfelt'

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Yup. We hear you. And when we call you “f*cking annoying” we mean it genuinely heartfelt and with total sincerity.


As long as you’re speaking sincerely from your heart, you pompous jackoff. Also everyone knows you know better than to believe the swill you sell the rubes, you fake, and if you think people can’t see right through you then you’re the one who’s a moron.


Breaking News - "Dick Gives Dickish Apology"


Carlson didn’t listen to his guest. He didn’t say the Murdocks and Kochs ordered him around directly. He said it was more complicated. My guess is Carlson has a couple of real skills he shares with whores everywhere from the beginning of time. First, he has great awareness of what his billionaire bosses want. Second, he really has a genuine desire to give them exactly what they old guys want as long as they pay him handsomely.


When I said
Chinga Tu Madre,
It was heart felt. And I meant it with total sincerity.


Carlson apologizes and then claims his remarks were “heartfelt?” So he has no remorse and his sentiments were true and intended? What a jackass.


Like x 100.

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Of course it was heartfelt. You and the other faux nudes anchors were being called out for making millions, paid for by billionaires, to put out a message to the masses of stupidity out there that the solution to their problems is anything except something that would take money from the rich.

If I was in on the grift, I’d be pissed off, too.


“Many people say” that Fox News is a cult. There’s the kind of hard-hitting investigatory journalism Carlson should appreciate.

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the insults — including “moron” and “you’re too fucking annoying” — were utterly heartfelt.

It’s the Kavanaugh defense - “yes, I made a fool of myself by responding with unbridled rage and screaming in a professional setting and it should have negated my ever being asked to speak in public again, but it was from the heart so it’s ok.” Perhaps Tuck is auditioning for a federal judgeship appointment.


You mean what a fucking jackass, don’t you?


How about “unrepentant, fucking jackass?”


That works. Although I am game for a couple more rounds of adding derogatory adjectives.

Have searched high and low … simply cannot find any redeaming aspects of Carlson … no talent… no insight … no humanity … just about the shallowest twit in media.


Fucker Carlson…still a passive-aggressive little punk. When ‘owning the libs’ comes down to “don’t expose me, bro”…well, that’s a problem, bow-tie boy.

Love how the right hates ‘elites’ but has this guy in their corner spouting off nonsense and telling them what they want to hear. He tries desperately to offer meaningless repartee…That’s all this guy has ever been about. So long as no one is able to get a word in edgewise in one of his interviews, he’s safe. As soon as someone confronts him on his bullshit, he whines, freaks out and scurries away like a scared little child crying for mommy. Isn’t that what RWNJs like to call a snowflake?


I know he’s a dick. But his name is Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson. How much do your parents have to despise you to give you not a single name to transition to after you spend years being called variations of “Fucker”.

His childhood so traumatic that he choose to wear a bow tie everyday on TV for years.

His childhood so horrendous that he chooses to consistently speak in a voice most likened to any brown comedienne doing a typical white man’s voice impression.

You know he refers to his seersuckers and penny loafers. That he orders virgin bloody Mary’s at brunch. That laughing is a guffaw.


Dear Fucking Fucker Carlson,

You are so fucking annoying that I cannot put it into any other words other than “REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING.”

Truly Fucking Annoyed,

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Carlson’s heart is in the wrong place.


Words mean nothing to this man, and he’s a journalist.