Discussion: Brownback To Propose Tax Revenue Increase To Help Fill Budget Gap

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Disgusting creature elected by disgusting creatures.


How many times are they going to try that hocus pocus dynamic scoring, trickle down, what ever they call it before they realize it does not work.

And ill bet you this, the tax breaks went to the 1 percent,and corporations. The new tax increases will be on working people.


Brownback’s spokesman is doing most of the explaining, but no one is using the phrase “tax increases” because that’s verboten on the right. Instead we hear about revenue.

But we will lay out a two-year budget. It will be in balance. It will be revenue positive,” Brownback said.

Read more here: http://www.kansas.com/news/politics-government/article5904450.html#storylink=cpy


Anybody that wasn’t mathematically challenged knew from the start this was going to happen. 2-3 does NOT = 1. Then again, this is Kansas, where they had to use artificial turf to keep the cheer leaders from grazing at half time.


He is already soft pedaling his screw job on working people. “He wants to keep income taxes low,” Hummel said. “And you know, circumstances have changed.”


Exactly right, taxes on the poorest 20% went up during his first term. I’ll bet his tax increases this round will target the same people too.


Yeah, we see this over and over. Lower progressive income taxes, then raise regressive taxes to compensate. The US Congress is going to do the same thing with the new gasoline taxes. Bastards.


Did he lay out specifics? Did he explain that now he was going to stick it to the middle class or whatever? Where is the beef in this article?


“Revenue didn’t come in quite as was projected,”

Oh, I see.

It’s because of the actions of some misbehaving revenues.

At first, I thought that the use of the passive voice in that quote was to avoid saying," We fucked up in our estimates because we are relying on dynamic scoring which is essentially a big, stinking lie we Republicans are employing to push our dishonest agenda."

Now I see that Kansas has its share of renegade revenues which are presumably holed up somewhere to avoid being captured and spent.


I voluntarily took a 25% pay cut at work with the expectation that it would increase my take home pay. For some reason it didn’t work. Now I’ll have to ask my boss for more money.


No one could have predicted this. At least no one who votes for Republicans.


Feature, not a bug.

Step 1. Cut taxes on rich claiming it will boost economy.
Step 2. Wait for financial crisis.
Step 3. Screw everyone but the rich
Step 4. GOTO Step 1.

The only way to get out of this loop is vote for a Democrat.


It would seem reasonable that if you wish to cut spending you need to cut population.


Like all True Believers in Trickle-Down piss-on-the-poor economics, Brownback cannot admit that he was wrong—about anything.

So he’ll continue to cut the education budget—cut so much now that the State Supreme Court said the funding level was unconstitutional—because a stupid populace is more easily manipulated and will be more likely to vote for cretins like Brownback.

We must always remember—and we must always remind the public—that the smoking ruin that Kansas has become under Brownback’s “leadership” is a model of what the GOP wants to do to the entire country.


“Tax revenue increase”? That used to be known as “raising taxes.”


All politicians would like to have revenue increase. But how to get it? Is Sam going to pray that revenue increases, or is he going to propose raising taxes?


“It’s not so much cutting spending as limiting the growth in spending,” Hummel added about the governor’s proposal.

Yeah…THAT weaselspeak is going to go over with the Tea Party like an endorsement of Obamacare.

“It depends on what the meaning of ‘cutting’ is.”


“Revenue didn’t come in quite as was projected,” Understatement of the year.

“Tax Revenue Increase” ?

These assholes can’t even say the words:“We are going to have to raise taxes.”

It has been far too long that people have sat with straight faces while pricks like Paul Ryan and Gov. Sam Pantload (R-KansASS) feed people their La(ugher)ffer curve, supply side, trickle down, dynamic scoring bullshit. These people should be laughed off the political landscape.

The flaccid media and the Democratic Party need to shine a spotlight on this garbage and point out how it will only help the wealthy and will bankrupt any city, state or nation that resorts to it.

To paraphrase Sniffit; 1 minus 2 does NOT equal 4!!!


Read his lips: No New Taxes!!! Oops…