Discussion: Brian Williams Apologizes On Air For Iraq Story Flub: 'I Made A Mistake'

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Fire him, now.

Even his apology is bogus, as it implies he was in harms way:

“I want to apologize,” he said. “I said I was traveling in an aircraft that was hit by RPG fire. I was instead in a following aircraft.”

In a following helicopter an hour later.

Fire him.


Harrowing sandstorm? He was ONLY trying to acknowledge someone else s heroism, and got confused about HIS non-heroism.

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Our liberal media.


He was trying to emulate Robert Capa the great WWII wartime photographer who landed with the troops at Normandy. This is the manicured, hair styled version of that, in a helicopter talking the talk.


Mistake, my arse. He “embellished” it to make himself look like he belongs in the elite company of Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, etc. Sorry, Brian–those men were actual war correspondents. You’re what the Brits accurately call a “news reader.”

Y U mad, bro?
It’s entirely up to you to choose whether you will gather your news from a corporate media source; but if you do, it’s important that you remember that source is in the entertainment business, not the accuracy business.
It’s then up to you to choose which corporation will be favored with your patronage; you could choose a source that has a strongly implied promise to lie about anything it chooses without warning you, and I guarantee you that the white folks’ Fox News Channel in particular will live up to that promise. Or you could choose to watch another source that claims to be ‘truthful’ in what it produces as ‘news’, and I guarantee you that if you trust in that claim, you will be let down.
Even once you have chosen a given corporate media newsertainment, it’s up to you whether you choose to go with belief or disbelief or indifference over what your favored corporate media source’s chosen newsertainer maitre d’ says.

On top of that, now you know some actual ‘news’: that NBC’s star newsertainer will lie to suck up to the US military, AND his employer is fine with that.

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Thanks, Brian! The fact that you weren’t actually in a helicopter fired upon is GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!

Your apology does not mitigate the goddamn damage you syncophants in the media did to hundreds of thousands dead civilians in Iraq.

Nor does it mitigate the damage done to many thousand soldiers who were sent to Iraq.

But gosh! Good for you for admitting that the story you told, repeatedly, was patently false.

NBC will renew your contract, and you’ll get kudos from the other syncophants in the media for being “brutally honest”. GOOD FOR YOU.

You banal asshole, living a very protected life. How very special this all is for you.

If you actually thought of yourself as a journalist, you’d resign, immediately, you fear-mongering asshole.


it’s important that you remember that source is in the entertainment business, not the accuracy business.

If you call it news then that’s what it should be.

Fox News Channel

I disregard FOX as a news source. They are in the business of propaganda.

If NBC wants to be in FOX’s camp, so be it. If they want to peddle news then they’ll fire this liar.

Fire him?

Not happening.

Watch Brian Williams get love for being “brutally honest” about his “totally understandable mistake–”

Watch for it.

Man, we are fcked.



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So why hasn’t he been fired?

Gee Brian…that is call lying and that is The Capital Sin of journalism. It’s not a flub…it’s a lie. You are a liar. Do the right thing and retire. But…Americans don’t seem to care if they are being told the truth or listening to Brian make up shit to become heroic.

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This guy is so corrupt on so many levels. Throw him out of a NBC helicopter without a golden parachute.

2003…Wasn’t that about the same time Brian was also telling the world that he was such an avid NASCAR fan? Maybe around the time NASCAR was quite popular within the George W reelection campaign culture during a presidential election year? And didn’t that dick head Curt Schilling ruin the historic 2004 World Series Win by the Boston Red Sox with his shout out to George W just days before the election?
Good times those early aughts……

Another flub? How many more will be unearthed? Access to Cheney’s Bunker or a Jimmy Fallon skit is more important than doing his job? This guy is so star struck on himself and the rest of the Washington/Hollywood Insider culture I’m surprised he has enough time to even consider the real news.

He’s obviously been hanging around with Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough too long. No worry. Trump will always have a place for him on the Celebrity Apprentice along with other has beens.

They won’t be firing him, or, AFAIK, any person employed by NBC who was associated with his lie.

Which isn’t to say I’m ignoring your standards - but I do wonder what led to you to think that the same network that has employed access-kissers Chuck Todd, David Gregory and Tim Russertt in its top weekly political news show had any meaningful ‘truth in news’ standards.

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Y? R his ratings down? Is he stinking up the brand? A Kardashian would do better? CBS already nabbed Colbert?

‘flub’ is not the word i would use to describe brian williams’ lie.

Hey @MartinHeldt Posted for the record…

After reading this crap from Brian, I see it better served for Williams to resign his position and move to the Disney Channel where fiction is served in heaping spoonfuls…