Discussion: Brexit Campaigner Boris Johnson Won't Run To Replace PM Cameron

He’s done his work for ISIL and now will retire to the back bench?

The Queen might have to dissolve Parliament and slap them all silly? I swear she’s the only one in The UK that seems to have her wits about her.


In a way this is not particularly surprising though… this is what professional protesters do who throw lotta hissy fits, incite others and burn down the house, but have no fuckin idea what to do to rebuild it.

Yeah he burned it down, saw the chaos, and now gets scared and chickens out without taking any responsibility.


“Hair” today, gone tomorrow! Someone must have photographs…

That was the the Bush/Cheney Crime Family’s approach.

Imagine what The Donald has in store of us. Rumsfeld has already given him an endorsement.

This guy looks like he’s picked a pocket or two and would take your entire life’s savings if you were stupid enough to let him into your home.

“Hey. Just because I helped produce this steamy pile doesn’t mean I’m gonna turn around and step in it! Sheesh!”

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Hello. I’m General George Armstrong Custerfluck, and I’ll be in charge of post-referendum strategy.

Perhaps you’re familiar with my work? Ask the Yanks about the brilliant post-primary expedition I put together for the Conservatives, or whatever the Tories call themselves over there.

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What a clusterf**k.

I hope American voters look at this mess and realize it would be even worse with a Trump presidency.


this was his chance. Like Lord Randolph, Johnson will either watch others pass him or he will be defeated by those who he might have defeated were his hands clean.

An email from Gove’s wife, Daily Mail columnist Sarah Vine, obtained earlier by Sky News, suggested that Gove should ensure he had specific guarantees from Johnson before backing the latter’s bid.

She added that influential right-wing media barons Rupert Murdoch and Paul Dacre “instinctively dislike” Johnson.

Gove should thank his wife, because she likely told him what you just typed.



Boris “Article 50” Johnson


I think part of this is Boris, but a bigger part of this is the Tories exercising just the slightest bit of self-preservation. Johnson as PM would take the party over the line from disliked to utterly toxic. Whoever is PM for the next few years will be in for a miserable time, and the Tories will probably end up losing power as a result, but without Johnson at the helm they have a chance of returning to government after only a few years of exile.

Gove couldn’t have announced have announced his own candidacy. He signed a “parchment in his own blood” saying he didn’t want the job. Wait, he did? I guess he’ll be “t!ts-up” soon. RIP, Gove.

This has to be the funniest clip I've seen, Michael Gove Ffs you lying F@cker pic.twitter.com/BnvwrGbHnS

— Ffs OMG Videos (@Ffs_OMG) June 30, 2016

Unexpected by you but not by the Brits. They are thankful they don’t have “presidential style” politics and people there have expressed despising Boris for being an “opportunist”… No one, that is, really likes him all that much.

P.S. as foppish as he looks, he is also a direct descendant of King George II

Brave Sir Boris bravely ran away.

But hey, he nearly stood up to the vicious Chicken of Bristol.


No Mo BoJo? Say it ain’t so!

Ha – I thought you were joking about the “sign a parchment in his own blood” thing – but then I watched the video.

Even with the rich history of “I swear I’m not at all interested in the office of ________” statements – from people who soon after are in fact running for or being appointed to the position – this one stands out for its hilarity.

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…more proof that Brexit never had a plan. This was what worried me about Bernie, the over promising of things you can’t hope to deliver on, ending in complete chaos.

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