Discussion: Brexit Campaigner Boris Johnson Won't Run To Replace PM Cameron

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Must say this was unexpected, his ego helped drive the mess – he must have got a lot of s**t from his party to stem his ego like this.

Either that, or he is going to let someone else take the fall with submitting Article 50 or, in the case of backing away from Brexit, let someone else be the sacrificial lamb. Either way, he lives to fight another day.

Now that I think about it, it probably is strategic withdrawal.


Like Lizzymom I am pretty surprised by this. However since I don’t think Boris ever expected the leave vote to win and now sees it for the disaster that it is he doesn’t want to be the one steering the ship of state further aground. In other words he is a loud mouth coward . . . just like that other guy with bad hair


I’m just now coming to grips with the fact that votes and policies have consequences. I don’t want to fix my massive screw up. Thank you.


Yeah, they’re trashing him at home – the Guardian has a brexit live blog and there are a few really juicy tweets at the 12:51 entry, including my personal fave from actor Ewan McGregor:

@BorisJohnson You spineless c$&t You lead this ludicrous campaign to leave EU. Win, and now fuc& off to let someone else clear up your mess.

(Of course, there are some tearful Boris-bots who are crushed – just like the Donnie-zombies will be come November…)


one more reason to adore Ewan McGregor!


Don’t blame me. I just voted for Brexit.


Ah, just as I predicted! Super Chicken Boris slithers away!


Is there some gene that we need to identify in Conservatives that shows their predilection for chaos and finger pointing? They create a sh*t storm then blame the mess on the dog.


Have another round of that “No Butt Blonde,” ya loopy git.


Boris wanted to lead the Tories as the pro-Brexit guy held back by the mean liberals who beat the referendum. Conservatives love to run as whiners. The referendum winning destroyed his plans. May will avoid Brexit (she’s not stupid) and in a few years demographics will turn against Brexit and then Boris will apply for the job.


His name is going to shit in the next few months anyway. Just about everything he said to get people to vote for Brexit was a lie. Now that is has passed a lot of it will be exposed


I see an uptick in the sale of pitchforks and torches. Get in now to make a tidy return on investment.


There is the difference between him and Trump.
He knows he’s an idiot.


The English version of Trump appears to be just as dumb.

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That photo you posted is paritcularly interesting now, as the reason Boris bailed, apparently, is because his fellow conspirator and presumed campaign manager Michael Gove (left in the photo) screwed him royally by announcing his own candidacy.

I remember a colleague of mine many years ago commenting that the first thing you do when you lead a coup d’etat is to “kill” your co-conspirator or you’re in danger of being “coup’d” yourself. Apparently Boris never learned this lesson, but ol’ Michael did…


Bloody coward. He creates mayhem and chaos on a pack of lies and runs away.


Looking at the steaming pile of sh*t he helped create, even Johnson realizes what a horrendous and all consuming mess there is and will be for years to come to clean up. He’s not up to the job and knows it.

At the least, perhaps he’ll give his yap a rest and Britain what it needs:


When members of the Bullingdon Club finish smashing up restaurants and fucking pig heads, they leave the mess for others (of lesser class and caste) to clean up.


Of course not! The next few months or years are going to be a minefield and no matter wat the new PM will do he will get reviled by a big chunk of the electorate.They opened the Pandora box of racism and xenophobia and fractured both major parties and society itself. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

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