Discussion: Border Patrol 'Very Uncomfortable' With Word 'Cages,' But Admits It's Accurate

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How quaint. NICE snowflakes.


Sure is not like they are gaasing them or anything.


Border patrol went on to further clarify: “OK, maybe we are treating them like animals, but not the kind you eat or see at the zoo. More like the raccoons you might trap on your property. And who worries about maybe trapping a young raccoon separately from a parent raccoon?”


Gee, the nice lady from the Border Patrol doesn’t like an accurate characterization of where they are keeping thousands of innocent children. Too damn bad.

This was started by Trump and Sessons. They can end it today. Talk to them about cages.


If it makes you cringe to hear what you’re doing accurately described then MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T FUCKING DO IT. #Nuremberg


So, caging people is not treating them like animals, eh?

Do they let them out for walkies a couple of times a day? Do they give them their food in metal bowls? What about pottybreaks?? or do they give them buckets in place of litter boxes or pee pads? Have them ring the bell in their cage when they have to go?? Let them sleep on their blankies on the floor??

How is this different from caged animals?

I suggest we separate Spankee, Jarvanka, Beavis, Butthead and wives in one cage and all their kids in another cage in another location and see what they think about that.

ETA: I hate Crime Family Trump and their sycophants with the heat of a thousand suns and dream of the day when they are all in cages.


Trump is very uncomfortable with being referred to as a “ruthless, cruel, stupid, arrogant, narcissistic, mendacious, womanizing load of demon shit”, but it’s accurate.


I’m very uncomfortable with the words “vile, evil, brutal psychopath” to describe the Former TV Reality Show Host, many in the administration and many of the Republicans in Congress … but, it’s accurate.


As long as that cage is at the bottom of the ocean, it’s a plan.


Brilliant: dark but brilliant.


Another thing the Border Patrol is very uncomfortable with: Referring to their Kiddie Prisons as Child Concentration Camps or Guttersnipe Gulags. They prefer the “kinder” term (it’s even in the name!) Kinderstalags or the whimsically spelled Koncentration Kamps for Kids.

In other news, DHS has issued a biblically based directive to guide commercial incarcerators in the proper treatment of minor detainees:

Proverbs 13:24, commonly known as “Spare the rod, spoil the child.”; and Proverbs 22:15, “Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; The rod of discipline will remove it far from him.”

In sum, the directive reads, “Liberal use of corporal punishment is a good and necessary thing for the optimal control of these animals traumatized children.”


Dear Border Patrol agents: Remember, the Nazi guards at the concentration camps went to prison for “just doing their jobs”.


Grand Opening!

Trump Tower Tornillo


Don’t like the term but it’s not inaccurate. So they want a euphemism but don’t mind the reality of locked crates with children inside. And no parents anywhere. Yeah, we need a better euphemism.


Not only no parents anywhere, but staff reportedly barred from touching kids except for disciplinary purposes.


Surely some Fire Ordinance must be violated here ?

What if there is a fire ?


I remember during the Vietnam War that the discovery of the South Vietnamese Tiger Cages was a significant psychological turning point in the battle for public opinion in this country. https://www.historiansagainstwar.org/resources/torture/luce.html


“They reportedly added that though there “may be” cages, the people inside them are not treated like animals.”

Ummm, the act of keeping them in a cage is, in and of itself, treating them like animals.

Just following orders…


If that was their expectation, they have another expectation now. Tough. After separating them from their children and detaining them indefinitely, and finally getting around to deporting them (while keeping their children at least until after the midterms, or possibly until the end of Trump’s second or third term), we will paint their foreheads with a splash of pigs blood and dump them over the border. I think the message sent will be quite effective.

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