Discussion: Boehner Won't Call On NRCC To Stop Fundraising Off Benghazi

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The truth? Bwaaahahahahahahahahahaha. The Truth is John is that all this is about is fund raising


They held their 2004 convention at Madison Square Garden – just blocks from Ground Zero (which, by the way, wasn’t political in any way). Perhaps they can hold their 2016 convention in Benghazi.


Define irony: A Republican leader talking about an investigation being about “truth” when he’s dodging questions intended to get to the “truth” that this is nothing more than a campaign stunt.

After pimping 9/11 for the better part of a decade, the GOP are no strangers to using coffins as soapboxes.




In other news…House Speaker John Boner was rushed to a local hospital today, after being struck by a hit-and-run Rascal Scooter. The driver is described as White, over 70 years of age, and waving a teabag while shouting “Sic Semper Erecti!”

The doctor who attended the Boner said there is no danger of infection, due to the high level of alcohol in the Speaker’s system.


Look who REALLY is politicizing Banghazi and using the four dead Americans as props…


BREAKING: Obama uses Jedi powers to compel GOP’ers to opportunistically fund-raise off of the deaths of 4 Americans in order to distract from the death of 4 Americans. More after the #Benghazi weather…


Of course not. That’s the whole reason for the committee, stupid.

Has any reporter ever asked the families of those 4 Americans killed in Benghazi how they feel about the GOP’s trolling for dollars and exploiting their deaths for political gain?


I suspect many of the True Believers who love The Four Brave Americans don’t know where BENGHAZI!!! is, but if they want to focus on a real crisis in Africa they could form a Select Committee to focus on Nigeria.

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No $$$$$ in Obamacare

No $$$$ in IRS

No $$$$$$$ in things accomplished

So… you go with the fundraiser you have

not the fundraiser you WISH you had.


…or if asked the names without the google, couldn’t name one.

Or any of the 4K+ Americans slaughtered for dubya’s Iraq war.

Positively the WORST speaker we have ever had!!!
Disgusting and despicable POS.


I’ve always believed those who protest the loudest couldn’t name the four Americans without first Goggling them. Even the Gowdy hillbilly used Four Brave Americans. To truly honor them people like him should name them each and every time out. But then they’d be redirecting their focus.

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Remember Pat Tillman. They are better at making money off the dead than a funeral director.


As they prove again just how NOT serious this endeavor is. Add to that the fact that 205 Repub members of the House wanted to be considered for the “select” committee. They are all so hungry to make money off this, they will be murdering members one by one so they all get a turn. Republican scruples.


Maybe every witness should go with the Rumsfeld response now famous all over the world: " There are known knowns, there are unknown unknowns and there are known unknowns" and keep repeating it with every question.


Once again, the Speaker needs to borrow a ladder to look a worm in the eye.


I know I’d be pissed off being used as a prop to justify this crap. Wonder if any one will bother checking with the four families to see if they’re cool with this?

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