Discussion: Bill Clinton Calls O'care 'Craziest Thing' While Touting Hillary's Plan

Send Bill to his room, and bar the door, until November 9th.


The “craziest thing” is allowing insurance companies to game the market.

As Michael Hiltzik has pointed out, “Among other things, the companies make money hand over fist by serving Medicaid expansions in many states and in Medicare managed-care plans. Why not tie their access to those lucrative markets to sticking with the exchanges until they’re finally stabilized?”

These companies are vultures, pure and simple. The only way out of their clutches is national healthcare.

What we really need is a Tommy Douglas.

Fun fact: Tommy Douglas was Kiefer Sutherland’s maternal grandfather.


Bill, we love ya. We’d love to kick back and have an ice cold beer with you. So, take this as a friendly piece of advice.


At least until after the election.


Terrible headline. The former president is talking about a specific part of the ACA that both Hillary and President Obama have recommended fixing. But the GOP won’t even entertain a fix that will help those folks who own or work for small businesses and make too much to get subsidized insurance. He isn’t calling ACA crazy, just that one part is crazy. This is about the GOP’s refusal to ameliorate the problem with ACA: not everyone was covered.

Just another case in point why we need medicare for all.


But he is right. O’Care is imploding but best not discussed till 2017. Just sayin’ don’t ya know

Chammy in 3…2…1



Isn’t that a Chicago airport? (lame TPM)

That said… Medicare early buy-in… works for me, and something I have advocated for years now (here and elsewhere).


No it isn’t.


It has it’s issues. The time and place for critiquing and working on the Big Fucking Deal isn’t 30 days before the election via Bill shooting his mouth off.


I know you love the O’Man Les but wait till the new premium increases are announced right after the election. And the major providers are getting out. I’ve been right on this for years.

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I must admit O’Care has forced the issue in opening the way to Medicare for All.

So thanks Obama! Okay now? I said it!

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Well this is only because it was about the only way to get the ball rolling toward single payer that would be the best thing, but there was no way in hell to get that through. But as the insurance companies either drop out or raise their rates too high, hopefully congress will be D enough and or the folks in office will be smart enough to let the single payer shoe kick out the insurance companies.

This could fall in Hillary’s lap on Jan 21.

The best laid plans …

Bill could have said the same thing without using the superlative “craziest.” Frankly, I’m fed up with so many superlatives floating around no single day passes without hearing one recently.


Same failed Cassandra predictions you have made for the past 3 years (as with a myriad other failed predictions from you).

LOL except for your predictions having never been right once, you have been spot on.


Been right on Obama since forever . Sorry about his legacy and all. Know how you feel about him.

And he’s going to leave Hillary a mess.

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In context, Bill Clinton is referring to one aspect of the plan, not deserving of the hoopla created by the media and, of course, the Republicans. Can we have an honest discussion in this country anymore? It is a good plan overall. Yes. The intensions were good but the politicking to get it passed lent to its weaknesses. Sure we should have passed it and sure it needs tweeking but Bill did not refer to the whole thing as crazy. Just the aspect that is and Hillary has a plan to fix it.

Now can we stop with the hysteria and media hyperbole?


Well said.

Clinton is losing his edge, not being careful with his words.

He should shut up until after Hillary wins.


Good for Bill. He just made an excellent case for Medicare for All.

Hopefully, all the lefties voting for Stein heard it.