Discussion: Biden Will Launch 2020 Campaign Thursday

Great… let the gaffs begin.


Third piece on Biden today at TPM. That’s probably enough since they all said basically the same thing.


But this one makes moot the idle speculation in the last piece. I welcome Joe to the race, and for now anyway, he is my choice.

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Say it ain’t so, Joe!



I’ll never understand this process. If we’re hearing this now, hasn’t he already launched his campaign? Thus said, he’s still my favorite. Anyone who’s already in office needs to stay in office, period. That goes doubly so if they’re in Congress and have great laws they want passed about election reform, student debt, or the environment. Biden will support and sign anything that looks like it can pass.

Democrats have won the popular vote in six out of seven presidential elections since 1992, including beating Trump by over 3 million votes back when he had all the advantages. Democrats just trounced Republicans in the mid-term with people who only became famous because they denounced Trump. Trump has never polled over 45% and the biggest reason people gave for electing him was because they hated Crooked Hillary.

We don’t need a rock star for president. We need to elect someone who knows how to do the job and has friends in Congress, because that’s how shit gets done in the real world.


It will be like a second Trump term for corporate America if he wins it all.
Policy wise, without the racism and environmental issues, he’s basically Trump. Look at his voting record if you doubt it.
Corporate America will cheer for Biden. Especially the banksters and credit card people.
Hope the hell I don’t have to vote for him in 2020… I sincerely hope he loses in the primary.


Same here. I’m not too worried because he’s going to look really old on that primary debate stage (along with Bernie), and he has some serious baggage that I don’t think many of his supporters are even aware of.

I hope he gets asked by reporters from now until the end of the primaries why he helped a Republican win over a Democrat in a statewide election in 2018, and why he hasn’t personally apologized to Anita Hill. It’s past time, Joe.

I just wish he wasn’t running because he’ll take up a lot of oxygen (money and media attention) that our eventual candidate could use. He’s made the decision though, so we’ll have to let the process play out.


I continue to say that Biden is not among my first 3 choices. But, - I agree with you about the “rock star” bit. We need a Dem POTUS that can appeal to a wider audience of Americans (not talkingabout feral trumpers). As time goes on and the regime continues to tear the country apart, I believe that he will appeal to that audience that wants someone competent and can bring stability to the government. Hell, someone who can bring government back, period.


Also, without the anti-democracy, anti-NATO/Western alliance, pro-Russian foreign policy, without the Federalist Society appointing more judges, the ginning up of war fever against Iran, the systematic regulatory ratfuckery in every sphere of economic, political and social life. And, honestly, I suspect the difference between being a Senator from the State of West Switzerland and President of the United States would show in his economic policy.

That said, I hope he loses too and expect him to do so. But if you think corporate America thinks he’d be as good for them as Trump, I suggest you watch them spin up into Total War mode against him.


With so many Dems on stage, I can see Biden as a getting a bare plurality of votes, not an overwhelming majority and going on to the general election. There are just too many contenders chasing the same votes (pretty much with some exceptions).

Who he chooses as a running mate will matter greatly. Biden can get the aforementioned voters but who he might choose for a running mate would absolutely have to appeal to thee rank and file Dem base.

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Biden’s been a front runner and likely candidate since long before a commitment. When Hillary lost in '16 he became the party’s fallback candidate for the next run. The strategy of befuddling a Sanders candidacy by recruiting a younger candidate may not be playing out after several have fallen by the wayside. To be honest, a Biden presidency worries me as much as a second term with Trump. He’s a warmongering, corporatist shill. But, Joe looks nicer on camera and has better manners than Trump.
Keep in mind that Bernie’s only thirteen months older than Joe, so when the ageism card know that it BS.


“He’s basically Trump without the racism and environmental issues.”



I have a whole list of reasons why I don’t want Biden to be our candidate or president. Not one of those reasons is that he is anything like Trump. No he’s not.

There is no one else on earth like Trump.


That’s a risk, but it might not happen due to the financial requirements for staying in the race past a certain point. As we get deeper into actual primary voting season, it’s going to get very expensive to maintain the level of campaigning and ad purchase required. Lack of funds will narrow the field fairly quickly at that point.

Biden won’t lack for funding, but that won’t help if he’s not getting enough votes for a plurality, and I don’t think he will. A candidate more exciting to the voters will carry the day. If there’s one thing Biden can’t manage to elicit, it’s excitement. That’s why he lost his first two Presidential bids. I don’t think “he’s the safe candidate” is going to work this time.

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Well, so far we’ve seen Biden called a bankster, war mongering, corporatist shill in only 18 comments. Can we tick off a few more Bernie buzzwords in the next 18?


I’ll watch. but I doubt corporate America will be against Biden.
Unless he’s going to be a totally different person once he’s in the White House.

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If there’s one thing Biden can’t manage to elicit, it’s excitement. That’s why he lost his first two Presidential bids. I don’t think “he’s the safe candidate” is going to work this time.

I certain agree with you about his first two bids but I just don’t think that that is what the majority of the country is going to be looking for next year. I really don’t. Mind you, I’m not talking about Dems such as us on this forum. But, I don’t think that TPM’ers are representative of Democrats nationwide and/or Indies.

@brainpicnic personally I see Biden as being to SoS Clinton’s right


Biden is Hillary 2.0.